Best Nature For Typhlosion

Best Nature For Typhlosion in Generation II

When deciding which nature is best for your Pokemon, try to remember that there are a few types to consider. Hisuian Typhlosion is an offensive Pokemon that focuses primarily on Special Attack. This nature will increase the power of your Pokemon’s attack, while keeping it from becoming too fast.

Politoed and Slowking are great options for an initial switch-in into Typhlosion. Regirock can be used as a checker to avoid Focus Blast. However, he is less effective against Choice Specs. In case your opponent is using a non-Choice Scarf set, Tauros and Floatzel are good options to use.

Typhlosion’s best move is Blast Burn. This move will increase your damage by 20%. However, it is best to not use it on weak Pokemon. Typhlosion is weak to Water, Rock, Ground, or Water. This means that it is not a good choice for PvP.

Hisuian Typhlosion’s Special Attack stat (119) is a beautiful one. Hisuian Typhlosion also boasts Flamethrower, the best Fire-type move of the game. This Fire-type move has 130 power and Flamethrower does not have a Special Attack buff.

Typhlosion, a Fire-type Pokemon, was introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Cyndaquil at levels 14 and 17, and can evolve into a Quilava at level 36. It has two variants: Hisuian and regular. To evolve a Typhlosion, you need 100 Cyndaquil Candy.

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