Best Risk Of Rain 2 Builds

Risk of Rain 2 Builds

In Risk of Rain 2, you can create different builds that are effective against different types of enemies. For example, you can use the Crowbar skill to deal massive damage to a character with a low health. You can also make use of the Loader, who has a great burst damage technique and can survive for a long time. The Loader is also a highly mobile character with a variety of special abilities. You can also equip your Loader with the Focus Crystal and Crowbar to enhance his abilities.

Another good Risk of Rain 2 build is the speedy girl build, which will give your huntress the ability to strike back quickly while still protecting herself from enemies’ attacks. The combination of Rose Buckler, Cautious Slug, and Lens Maker’s Scythe will boost her speed and protect her from attacks. The Ukulele will also increase her attack speed.

If you want to make an assault class, you can try the Mercenary build. Mercenaries have the advantage of being melee characters, so they’re prone to attacks from close range. Mercenaries can also sacrifice damage-enhancing pickups for increased firing speed. Another good build for a mercenary is the one that prioritizes health and is able to recover from an overwhelming attack.

A good risk of rain 2 build should give you a mix of skills. For example, if you like to use the Tazer, you can make it bounce to deal 100% damage to enemies. In addition, you can also equip the Orbital Probe, Defensive Microbots, and Orbital Supply Beacon to empower yourself with their special abilities.

You can also use the Tri-Tip Dagger, which deals 240% damage to enemies. Its unique mechanics make it a perfect weapon to use alongside Rex. You can also use energy drinks to boost your speed. Rex can also stay aerial for a long time while being highly mobile.

You can also choose to play the Bandit character. This class has higher versatility than the other classes. Moreover, it resets all the cooldowns of its abilities, and it also has a high mobility. This build can be effective against heavy bosses and enemies. It can be played with speed and precision with Critical Attacks. Another good choice for Bandit is the Loader, who can take down enemies with his insane spiderman abilities. The Loader also has no fall damage, which makes it one of the most efficient melee survivors in Risk of Rain.

Artificer: An Artificer character is a hard character to play. His low health and limited mobility make him a tricky character to manage, but his flamethrower and freeze abilities are extremely effective, and he does great damage. However, these skills also come with cooldowns, which can make him difficult to play.

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