Best Triple Elixir Deck

How to Build the Best Triple Elixir Deck in Clash Royale

You’ll need a great deck to play Triple Elixir in Clash Royale. This game is heavily based on tower defense and deck building, so you will need to create a unique deck to win. You will need to experiment and find the best combinations of decks to win this challenge. There is a guide to help find the right deck.

A good triple elixir deck will have a lot of powerful spells to help you win. For example, the Tornado deck can sweep a group of units in defence and attack. It can combine multiple win conditions at once. It’s not cheap, but it can be a great way of winning games.

The Golem Hunter Deck Arena 9 is a powerful deck that can win most major pushes. The Mega minion can be used against almost any Mele defensive troop, and the Baby Dragon is able to attack from far away. It’s strategy is similar to the Miner Control Deck, but it uses the Miner as a tank and uses cheap units to push. This deck is also well-suited for Goblins and Bats.

Another great option for this deck is the Dark Prince. It can eliminate large numbers of troops with a low elixir cost. It is also useful against hordes goblins and other skeletons. It also works well against spam elixir-loving hordes.

The Three Musketeers can cause massive damage but you will need a way of countering them. To counter swarmy troops, you can deploy an Inferno Tower. This tower can be used to counter pekka and golem, Lava, Mega Knights, and other heavy troop types.

This deck also has a jousting gentleman troop that is as old as the game itself. It can be offensive and, if used properly, can even lead you to a prince charge. It’s worth five elixirs and can act as a decoy or set-up.

The Battle Ram deck can attack and defend, and it is a mix of control and mid-range. It uses Clone to bolster weak spots, The Log to clear bridges, and builds towards a Giant Skeleton to threaten the enemy’s King Tower.

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