Beth Dutton Halloween Costumes

Rip Wheeler/Beth Dutton Halloween Costumes

“Yellowstone” fans have gone to incredible lengths to show their appreciation for the show. The sheer number of Rip Wheeler/Beth Dutton Halloween costumes this year was mind-boggling. There are clothing lines, hats, and even art! One piece of fan art was particularly impressive. Forrie J. Smith was so impressed with it, she made the character into a mug!

For Beth’s look, it’s all about the graphic poncho. Her makeup is simple but very striking, topped with a smokey eye. She’s paired her outfit with a denim jacket from Cole Hauser. To complete her look, she wears a flower sundress and sunglasses. Alternatively, her outfit is inspired by the cowgirl look, complete with denim jacket and flannel shirt.

A John Dutton-inspired jacket is a great giveaway. If you want to make your own Beth Dutton costume, check out this eBay seller’s Yellowstone-embroidered vest. It’ll take your costume to a whole new level. It’s not difficult to find one of these on Amazon. You can even order a John Dutton-inspired jacket from a costume shop! Just make sure to check out their other listings as well.

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