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Buy Tickets to the Big Daddy Weave 2022 Concert at Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster has made it easy to buy tickets for Big Daddy Weave’s upcoming concert in Quincy, IL. The website also includes information about the band’s tour dates and honors. You can also learn more about the band’s biography and see if there are any tickets available for the 2022 tour.

Tour dates

During their career, Big Daddy Weave has become one of the most recognized Christian rock bands in the industry. Their music has been praised by multiple industry awards and nominations. They’ve also sold over one million records. They’re known for their heartfelt lyrics and classic rock drum beats. They’ve also released nine full-length albums.

They’ve also released several singles, including the popular “Redeemed,” which earned them a Dove Award nomination. Their songs deal with topics usually associated with Christianity, such as love, loss, and faith. They’ve won multiple K-LOVE Fan Awards. They’re also the second-highest-played artist at Christian AC radio in 2014.

The band consists of Joe Shirk (saxophone, keys, vocals), Jay Weaver (bass, vocals), Jeremy Redmon (lead guitar, vocals), and Mike Weaver (lead vocals, guitar). They’re signed to Fervent Records.

Tickets to the 2022 tour

Buying Tickets to the Big Daddy Weave 2022 tour in Quincy, Illinois can help you enjoy a live show of this Christian rock band. Unlike other bands, Big Daddy Weave’s songs are not abstract or uninteresting. Rather, they focus on real-life issues and deal with the common challenges of life.

Tickets for the Big Daddy Weave 2022 concerts can be obtained through Vivid Seats. They have tickets to fit every budget and have all of the information you need on the band. They also have VIP Big Daddy Weave meet and greet tickets if you are interested in meeting the artists. They also offer a 100% Buyer Guarantee.

Buying Big Daddy Weave tickets online is easy. All you have to do is log on to their website. You can check out the list of tour dates and find the nearest show to your location. The website also has a seating chart for every venue.

Micah Tyler’s biography

Whether you are a Christian music fan, a fan of modern pop music, or you are just someone who is interested in what makes a good song, then you might be interested in learning about the life of Micah Tyler. After all, he has five songs that have hit the Top Ten. But what is Micah Tyler’s bio?

Micah Tyler was born in Beaumont, Texas on April 19, 1983. He grew up in a Christian home, and later went on to become a youth pastor. He then began touring the Southeast Texas area with songs that he wrote. But after performing at fourteen shows, he decided to quit. He sold half of his belongings and moved into a single wide trailer. He also sold his car.

No. 1 singles

Whether you know them as one of the most popular Christian artists on the radio, or you’ve been listening to their songs for years, Big Daddy Weave has been making a big name for themselves. They’ve been receiving numerous industry awards and honors for their music, and they’re also one of the genre’s biggest headlining artists. Their song, “The Only Name (Yours Will Be)” is currently atop the AC Monitored and National Christian Audience charts.

Since they first started performing in 2002, Big Daddy Weave has released four full-length albums. The group has also been nominated for several industry awards, including Dove Awards, Bill Music Awards and ASCAP’s Christian Music Awards. They’ve also received a Rich Mullins Artist Impact Award. They’ve sold more than one million albums and have earned a platinum certification for their song, “Redeemed.”

Big Daddy Weave is currently preparing for their second leg of their “The Only Name Tour,” which kicks off in February. The tour is slated to go through 31 dates through May 3. The tour will feature radio favorites and will also celebrate redemption.


During the summer months, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign has been fortunate enough to host a number of great concerts. Among them are those from Big Daddy Weave. This particular band has a knack for blending rock and roll with a healthy smattering of country, gospel and even hip hop to create an engaging and entertaining concert experience. The band has been lauded for their awe-inspiring talent, which includes Mike Weaver, Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Joe Shirk and Brian Beihl. Aside from their musical prowess, the band members are well known for their willingness to share their personal challenges. The aforementioned tour has been marketed as a benefit of the partnership between Big Daddy Weave and World Vision. The duo have recently announced their upcoming fall headlining tour.

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