Binghamton Police Latest News

Binghamton Police Latest News

In recent weeks, you may have noticed the Binghamton Police Blotter. According to the newspaper, 18 arrests have been made by the department this month. For more information on the latest developments, please read on. You can also find out about the investigation into a 64-year-old woman’s death. Binghamton police released the Blotter on April 12.

Earlier this week, the Binghamton Police Department responded to a call for gunshots in the area of Livingston Street and Conklin Avenue. The police officers found a gunshot wound to the victim’s arm. The victim was taken to a local hospital. The suspect was identified by police as a 17 year-old minor. He is facing charges of attempted murder and criminal possession of a firearm.

The department recently issued a statement detailing the latest arrests. The main system provided the department with its Stop Sign Data. The department is using the current system to record stop sign information, but it is still working on getting data from other departments. Call the Binghamton Police Department if you have any information. Keep up-to-date with the latest news in your area and remember that a tip could save your life.

A motorist struck a bicycle by accident, according to the binghamton police station. The cyclist was stopped at a bicycle light, and the cop stopped her car. However, she did not report her to that officer who first saw the bicycle. The car that hit the cyclist is still under investigation. The police report on the incident was incorrect. While cyclists are sometimes hit by cars, many cyclists are struck while riding in the bicycle lane.

The Detective Bureau monitors Binghamton’s sex offenders. In the first half of 2020, the city reported 304 sex offenders. Each offender is assigned a supervisor who oversees their case. Their job involves establishing face-to-face contact with the offender and conducting home visits to confirm residence. Fingerprints and photographic images are also updated. These individuals’ fingerprints and photographic images are submitted to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice.

Massey’s study examined whether race and sex played a role in larceny arrests. It used crime data from the NYS Department of Criminal Justice Statistics to calculate the prevalence of excess suspicion. This study shows that Black men are more likely than white men to be arrested for larceny, even though they are being arrested at the same time. Moreover, they often receive harsher sentences.

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