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Super Auto Pets – How to Build a Strong Lineup

Super Auto Pets is an auto battle game. You build teams of five animals and fight against opponents. You can choose different pets and synergies to make your team more effective. The developers often nerf pets, but if you are willing to spend the time, you can learn how to build a strong lineup.

There are numerous animals in the game, but each one has its own properties and special features. It is important to use them in a way that makes sense. When combining, keep in mind that each animal has an attack stat, and that the turn order is based on the animal’s attack stat. A weak unit may impact the battle with extra damage, while a stronger one can carry the team to victory.

There are many strategies to consider when building a Super Auto Pets lineup. For starters, you should try to get Bison and Fish early. They have strong base stats and excellent scaling abilities. Once you have upgraded them to level 2, you can pair them with a tier 3 pet, and you’re all set! If you’re not sure, however, you can also start with the tier one pets.

Bison and Fish can combine with other pets to form a powerful super team. They are both able to boost their stats when they are at the end of a turn, making them an ideal pair. Another good option is to combine them with a Monkey to raise their stats even more.

Fish has great base stats. But the best way to scale it up is to level it up to level 3. Once you’ve reached level three, you can use it to make your team stronger. However, it is not a strong enough weapon on its own. You’ll want to purchase a tier 4 Bison to complete the combination.

Turtle is a good mid-game pet, as it can maintain its Melon Armor from mid-game onwards. It’s also good for countering a frontline Scorpion. Pufferfish can trigger a chain reaction of counterattacks if you have Garlic Armor on it.

Ant is another strong tier 1 animal. Its base attack stat is very good. In addition, it can provide a buff to a pet behind it. Bat is also a great super auto pet. Like Ant, it can reduce the strength of the strongest opponent’s pet. This is important if you’re playing against a skunk.

Aside from being an excellent base pet, Bison has several other unique qualities that can help it stand out. Its stat boost at the end of a turn is very powerful. And with a level 3 friend, Bison can increase its stats significantly.

Other options include the Beetle and Duck, which have the highest base attack stats of all tier 1 pets. These pets are also easier to level up than other tier 4 animals. As a result, they are a good choice for novice players.

Some of the most common strategies are based on a strategy called Otter Madness. If you can gather enough Otters, you can make a huge boi.

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