Black Mini Skirt Universal

The Black Mini Skirt From the Universal Thread Collection

If you’re not ready to give up your skirt yet, there are a number of options that will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. The universal thread high rise denim mini skirt is one such option. It features a stylish high rise cut, classic front and back pockets and a zipper closure. This skirt can be paired with sandals or boots for a look that is truly on-trend. Whether you’re on the hunt for a classic or modern look, this black mini skirt from the universal thread collection is a great option.

In the mid-seventies, minis were a popular style. These midi skirts were available in any length above the knee and were worn by fashion forward women. However, the popularity of the style was not widespread and it didn’t last long. When the “midi debacle” hit, women started to reject the idea that midiskirts were a sole-length skirt and started to wear trousers instead. Although designers continued to produce minis for a few more years, the popular skirt’s status as a basic item was finally reaffirmed.

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