Black Toad Mario

Mario Toad

In the Mario franchise, Toad plays several supporting roles in the Mario games. He is often seen in the Mushroom Kingdom area, where he runs a shop. In one game, he is even involved in the story of the game’s title character, Mario. However, Toad also makes an appearance in the Mario 64 game as a captured character.

Toad first appeared in the Super Mario Bros. game series and is often considered one of the game’s most recognizable characters. Toad has appeared in countless Super Mario titles and spin-offs. In Super Mario 64, he accompanied Mario on his quest for the legendary Peach. While he initially seemed to be a minor character, he eventually grew up to be a key character in the game.

In the non-canonical Mario cartoons, Toad has removed his mushroom cap, revealing three strands of hair underneath. He also wears white pants, resembling the mushroom’s base. Toad’s hairstyle is similar to Homer Simpson’s.

Toad has a lot of different voice actors. In the original animated series, Toad was voiced by John Stocker. From 1999 to 2008, the voice of Toad was performed by Jen Taylor. Since Taylor’s departure, another actor has taken over the role. Currently, Samantha Kelly plays the role of Toad.

Toad also makes an appearance in many Mario spin-off games. In the 3DS version of Super Mario, he plays a larger role in the story mode. Toad also appears in Super Mario 3D World, and his role in the game is similar to that of Mario and Luigi.

In Japan, Toad is known as Kinopio. It is derived from the Japanese word for mushroom, and is also the same as the Japanese spelling of Pinocchio. It means “real mushroom boy”. While Toads do not appear as playable characters in the game, they can be encountered as hosts in Toad houses.

Toads first appeared in Super Mario Bros. for the NES in 1985. At that time, Toads were the dominant species in the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach, however, was a magical being, and used Toads as objects. The princess, however, is in another castle.

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