Bonnie Halvorsen

Bonnie became very emotional upon hearing that Sara won a Grammy Award for Saint Honesty. She insisted that Sara truly deserved this recognition and her award.

Halvorsen served the Michigan Department of Natural Resources throughout her life and oversaw state parks in Hancock, Grand Haven, Paradise, Brimley and Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan.

Early Life and Education

Bonnie had always enjoyed theater and drama. As a child, she took acting classes and participated in many plays; later in life, Bonnie discovered music and started to compose her own songs.

Dr. Miller offers courses and clinical education to first-year MS graduate students and educators. Her teaching and research focuses on spoken-written language relationships and Structured Literacy interventions methods for developing foundational reading and writing skills in students.

Bonnie Halvorsen is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and has held various leadership roles within her local congregation. Bonnie and her family have volunteered with various local charities as well as participated in a “Christmas Drop” to natives from seven Micronesian islands.

Professional Career

Bonnie Halvorsen serves as UWM Director of Learn-Earn-Grow MKE, a program which gives Milwaukee Public School students hands-on experience with urban agriculture by helping them grow their own produce on microfarms. Students gain a taste of being Entrepreneurs while learning to become stronger employees as well.

She earned a nomination for a 2018 Primetime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Mary Magdalene in Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s Jesus Christ Superstar live-televised production, and won one for Saint Honesty – both won Grammy Awards!

Bonnie Halvorsen worked as a funeral home director while her father, Dennis Halvorsen, was an insurance adjuster and logger in Eureka, California. Their family was close and often performed together.

Achievement and Honors

Since 1994, she has led outreach efforts focused on women’s and family health as well as social justice promotion. Through the University’s Petersen HIV clinics, she has helped individuals from diverse backgrounds overcome barriers to treatment.

She has also championed diversity and inclusion through mentorship, hiring practices and promotion of team members. “Her presence serves as a constant reminder that we all belong to the same human family,” one nominator stated.

Materials discovered during the archiving process included letters from politicians and celebrities congratulating Bareilles, such as former first lady Michelle Obama who wrote to her regarding her Let’s Move initiative. Also present is records from Bareilles’ recording and touring career; in 2011 she won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance with Saint Honesty.

Personal Life

Mother of Sara. She encouraged and helped Sara shine bright. Even creating an entire song dedicated to Sara!

She also participated in the Learn-Earn-Grow MKE program which teaches students to become farmers on microfarms. She assisted Vincent High School students with learning how to grow their own produce – so much so that those taking part can earn money through selling it!

She strongly promotes diversity in the arts and welcomes individuals of various backgrounds to audition for FRT productions. As one of three daughters born to Orest and Deanna Sadoway from Quesnel, California – Orest being her biological father and Deanna her mother – she lives with her husband in Eureka California with their three daughters and is part of the United Methodist Church community.

Net Worth

Joe MacInnis and she have been happily married since 2013. Together they share two daughters and one son. She enjoys foodie adventures as much as exploring new locations; social media posts reveal exotic family trips. In spite of her busy work schedule, she takes time for herself and her loved ones by attending charity events whenever possible; in particular, human rights campaigns and awareness campaigns. Her net worth stands at $8 Million with income generated mainly through singing and acting career income streams.

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