Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Brett Wilson is a Canadian businessman and philanthropist. He has invested in various business ventures while coaching others on how to achieve success by having the proper mindset.

He has raised money and awareness by shaving his head to benefit cancer care for kids, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Alzheimer’s research funding, and making annual trips with Youth with a Mission to Mexico to construct houses.

Early Life and Education

He is one of Canada’s best-known entrepreneurs and philanthropists, appearing as a panellist on Dragon’s Den TV show and prominent figure in Calgary business circles. His dedication to achieving success while making an impactful mark on society has inspired many individuals to pursue their own dreams.

Wilson is an active philanthropist who believes in the transformative power of strategic philanthropy, including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research, shaving his head for Kids’ Cancer Care, and organizing annual trips with Youth with a Mission to Mexico to build homes for the poor.

His charitable activities have helped many families in need and his dedication to giving back has earned him widespread acclaim.

Professional Career

Brett Wilson has made significant contributions to business and philanthropy over his professional career, providing leadership and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals looking to make an impactful difference in the world.

Wilson can often be considered a controversial figure. A strong advocate of work-life balance and mental health awareness, his commitment to entrepreneurship has seen him share his insight with others to help them follow their own dreams.

Although his direct language and pro-energy tweets may offend some, Calgary businessman Christopher Daini is an adept master of social media who regularly features in news articles as an expert at harnessing it for maximum impact. His social-media account garners over one million impressions each month!

Achievement and Honors

Wilson is known to most Canadians as one of the main deal-making “dragons” on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and host of Risky Business. His business portfolio encompasses investments and energy.

He credits his success to hard work ethic that enabled him to use his wealth for charitable initiatives and advocate for corporate social responsibility.

Wilson is deeply engaged in his church community, while also enjoying golfing, hunting, fitness triathlon training, coaching children’s sports as well as avid reading. Additionally, Royal Roads University granted Wilson an honorary degree and issued a statement indicating their displeasure with recent tweets regarding anti-pipeline activists that appeared on his timeline.

Personal Life

Wilson is an ardent philanthropist who uses his business acumen to support causes that matter to him, such as domestic abuse, Canadian Forces members and veterans, youth sports programs and healthcare.

He is also an active member of Activate Church and regularly leads its music team. Additionally, he is writing his first book and preparing an academic study examining how Ottoman Sufi traditions have become an integral part of Turkish national culture and heritage.

Wilson is married to Pamela Gunn and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Among his hobbies are golfing and volleyball – an avid runner supporting organizations such as David Foster Foundation Right to Play, Little Warriors, Boomer’s Legacy Run For Sight 777 Run For Sight Dare to Care in his free time.

Net Worth

Wilson began his career after earning his degree in civil engineering and completed an MBA at the University of Calgary. Subsequently, he worked for Imperial Oil before going on to earn his professional designation with McLeod Young Weir Limited as an investment banker and co-found FirstEnergy Capital Corp as well as investing in numerous business ventures such as Canoe Financial.

His charitable activities have included shaving his head to support Kids’ Cancer Care and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Alzheimer’s research, and building homes for the poor through Youth with a Mission.

His remarkable life has allowed him to advocate a brand of ethics known as Prairie Ethics – focused on integrity, community involvement and family – with charitable giving managed through Calgary Foundation. Additionally, he is father to three children from previous relationships, including Pamela Janzen from 1981 – 2001 who managed their charitable giving at her foundation.

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