Britney Tray Snapchat

Britney Spears Experiments With Snapchat

Aside from being active on Twitter and Facebook, pop sensation Britney Spears is now experimenting with Snapchat. Though she has not set up an official account, she has been posting Snaps with her children and using the mouse filter. It seems like the pop star is enjoying the new app and it may be the perfect platform for sharing exclusive content with her fans. You’ll want to follow Britney Spears’ Snapchat account to stay up to date with the latest news, pictures, and videos.

The pop superstar posted some Snapchat videos on Monday. The first included a video with her mouse filter, and the other featured a 10 second story about snow. While the second video featured the standard filterless Britney Spears videos, it seemed like an experiment. Despite the fact that she sported a new Snapchat username, it’s not clear whether the video will be included in the Lifetime film. The star also keeps her Snapchat username private.

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