Britt Bowman

Britt Bowman – Singer-Songwriter

Britt Bowman was born in 1916. She is the daughter of Melvin and Etta Bowman. At the time of her death, she was 24 years old. She lived in Ellijay North Carolina. Bowman was very involved in the arts community, and was very active. She is a Volbeat photographer and is currently in a relationship to Christopher Mintz-Plasse. It is not clear when she got married.

As a singer-songwriter, Britt Bowman is always honing her craft, searching for opportunities to tour and forming relationships with like-minded bands. She has a solid track record for her music and has been featured in many publications. She has been called one of the best in her genre. The debut single of the band, “The Other Side of the Mirror,” has been released in May. It is expected that it will be available sometime this summer.

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