Brittani Marcell Smile Surgery

Secrets Uncovered: Brittani Marcell Will Have Smile Surgery

Brittani Marcell had 22 surgeries after the accident in which she was struck by a car. She lost her hearing, sight, as well as facial features. After months of rehabilitation, she is finally recovering and planning to get a smile makeover. To learn more about Brittani’s smile surgery, read on below. Brittani’s condition may surprise you.

Brittani Marcell was attacked by a shovel in 2008 She should be thirty years old at this time. Her mother, Diane, discovered her daughter covered in blood and was scared for her life. Her brother, Jonathan, and sister Kathlein Guinn, helped her get justice for her. Brittani had smile surgery after the attack to restore her smile. She did not disclose the date of the procedure.

Since then, Brittani has undergone more than 20 surgeries. She also plans to undergo one more. She is currently undergoing multiple procedures to rebuild her face. She has difficulty trusting men and has only recently started to trust her coworkers. “Secrets Uncovered” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Oxygen. You can stream it here. You can stream the most recent true crime stories and see how one case affected her life.

After the incident, Brittani Marcell’s condition was listed as critical. The doctors were unsure if she would live. The family stayed with her during the three-month recovery period. The attacker fled through the dining room window. The family then moved Brittani to Texas to rehab. She was never aware that she would never be able to walk again or eat properly. She graduated from college.

Hansen was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. He apologized to Marcell’s families at Tuesday’s sentencing hearing and asked that the court consider the effect of the sentence on his children. Marcell’s sister, Alicia Osbourne said that the family can now concentrate on healing. The actress added that one of the things she’d like to do is get back on Dateline.

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