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Is Brittani Boren Leach Pregnant?

Brittani Boren Leach is a huge fan. You may have already seen her Instagram account. The social media star has over 860k followers and regularly posts videos about home decor products and home improvements. She also has brand sponsorships from popular companies, including Walmart, Target, and Country Grace. Recently, she shared a post about a product from Walmart.

The newly-pregnant mother posted the first picture of her baby on Instagram, posing with heart-shaped balloons. While showing off her bump, she cradles her baby bump. She also posted photos of Jeff Leach, her husband, holding an ultrasound of her baby. Her followers can’t help but wonder if she’s really pregnant! She shares many of her own adorable posts to Instagram.

The teasing of the new arrival on Instagram started on December 30, when Leach and her husband Jeff announced the pregnancy. However, on Christmas Eve, the couple learned that their baby had passed away. The next day, the couple decided to remove Crew’s life support. The boy’s parents found him unresponsive later that day. The couple buried Crew in a dress that she wore on her wedding day.

Leach has four sons with her husband Jeff, including a newborn named Carter. Crew, Crew’s second son, died at the age of three months. The couple also have several other children from previous relationships. In her Instagram Stories, she updates her fans about her new family. During her first pregnancy, Leach was unable to sleep, so she cried when she saw the pediatric exam table in the delivery room. She posted a picture of Crew’s tombstone on her second birthday. The mother subsequently shared a video message on the birth of Crew’s brother, expressing gratitude to her followers for their love and support.

As a mother, Leach has an active Instagram and YouTube account. She is a YouTube personality with four children and one stepdaughter. She is a mother of four boys and a stepdaughter, and she shared the news about her pregnancy on her Instagram account. During her pregnancy, Leach also posted a heartbreaking post about the death of her son Crew. She also shared photos of Crew at the hospital with her fans.

Besides her Instagram account, Brittani Boren Leach has a self-titled YouTube channel. She uploads daily life videos that include family moments, beauty and lifestyle entries. The actress aspirant was born in Texas on December 20, 1990. She has not revealed her weight or relationship status. She is still a young woman and there is much to learn about her.

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