Bryce Thomas

Bryce Thomas

Bryce Thomas is in his fifth season with Westminster College’s football program and attributes his time with it for helping him become an effective leader both on and off campus.

From Perpetual Motion Machines’ to “We Shall Be Bound”, Across the Neuro Seas is an engaging collection of voyage worthy folk-rock songs.

Early Life and Education

After graduating from both The Citadel and New York’s Medical College, Bryce traveled in Europe. There he visited various psychiatric hospitals and gained an interest in treating mental illnesses through moral therapy – which involved kind treatment without physical restraints and regular work by all those patients able to handle regular work tasks.

At AIH, he adopted this philosophy during his 32-year tenure as superintendent. While at AIH, he championed patient labor while holding various offices with state medical and historical organizations. He believed in adopting an holistic approach to mental health treatment and encouraged staff members to do the same. Furthermore, he ensured AIH’s financial sustainability by creating institutional policies and procedures utilizing patient labor as a supplement to state support.

Professional Career

Thomas has contributed as a graphic artist for numerous comic book companies, such as IDW Publishing. Additionally, he contributes to Sonic the Hedgehog comic books and their spinoffs.

He considers alternative folk his favorite genre and has long been an admirer of Canadian singer-songwriters. On his debut album Across the Neuro Seas he draws influence from artists such as Hawksley Workman, Joel Plaskett, and Sarah Slean whose lyrics serve as his guideposts.

Aspiring cartoonists should continue producing new work. He suggests spending a few hours every evening drawing and submitting their works to various publishers. Furthermore, they should collaborate with other artists in order to enhance their own skills as well as seek mentors or embrace criticism as part of a mentor program.

Achievement and Honors

Bryce not only works at law school, but she is an extern with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia Magistrate Civil Division as well as serving as student teacher and legal research assistant in multiple courses.

Thomas has independently released four full-length albums of indie folk-rock music: Across the Neuro Seas (2021), Immovable Feast (2015), Savannah Blue (2011) and Midnight in the Garden (2004). Additionally, several singles and music video for Perpetual Motion Machines, an ode to parenthood and making dreams come true, have also been made available.

Thomas was honored at the 2022 UDC Founders’ Day convocation by being awarded with the Dr. Paul Phillips Cooke Lifetime Achievement Award, an accolade presented to law students who demonstrate leadership, civic engagement and commitment towards fulfilling their roles at UDC.

Personal Life

Bryce Thomas is an active participant in his community, serving as President of the History Club and Delegate to Model Illinois Government. Additionally, Bryce volunteers at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum in Springfield regularly.

Bryce enjoys reading comic books and playing basketball in his free time, as well as following Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Purdue Boilermakers and Chicago Bears teams.

Bryce Bryce’s fourth album, ACROSS THE NEURO SEAS was written, recorded, and produced during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. Beginning with its opening waltz down rivers to sea in Perpetual Motion Machines to Summer Nights in Summertime’s tender acoustics and piano swagger of We Shall Be Bound; this collection transports listeners on an emotional journey of lovers lost, found, and reunited.

Net Worth

Bryce Thomas is an immensely gifted musician who crafts and records his own genre of alternative folk and folk-rock music, along with stylish album artwork, seductive self-portraits, and captivating music videos. To date he has independently released four full-length albums.

Bryce also enjoys baseball, where he excelled as a catcher for the Highlands Saints high school team – receiving both All-Region and Division A recognition during his senior year.

He currently resides in a rented Los Angeles home and generates most of his income through TikTok and YouTube videos, endorsing brands such as SquareSQ and Epic Games as well as being an investor in Dog for Dog.

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