Bts Mattel Dolls

BTS x Mattel Dolls

Fans have been waiting for the upcoming Mattel BTS dolls for quite some time. Two weeks ago, the dolls were teased and were shown in outfits that matched their music videos. Mattel finally revealed the dolls on Tuesday and they have received mixed reviews. While BTS fans have praised Mattel’s rendition of the band, some fans were disappointed that the dolls didn’t capture the members’ distinct looks.

The BTS dolls quickly became viral, and the BTS ARMY made sure they were trending on Twitter. The dolls are based on the boy band’s hit song, “Idol.” The song, which was released on the compilation album Love Yourself: Answers, reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and was first in sales. Each BTS doll has eleven points of articulation and can be bent to resemble the choreography of the music video.

BTS toys aren’t just limited to dolls. Fans can also look forward to a special edition UNO of the board game with BTS-themed rules. The BTS x Mattel dolls will hit stores starting in September. There will also be BTS-themed versions of UNO that will go on sale after the band releases their next album. The dolls are expected to sell fast, so fans should be patient as the release date approaches.

Toys”R”Us in Singapore stocks the dolls. Buying one for your child will give them a chance to see their idols up close and personal. You’ll be proud to support your favorite K-pop band as a fan. A BTS doll is the perfect way to show your love for your idol! They come in a variety of colors and decorations, which is a bonus!

The BTS dolls are a popular choice, but critics point out that they aren’t perfect. The dolls lack Suga’s trademark pink mops and have no undercuts. The hairstyles were so disproportionate to their bodies that they made them look like trolls. In addition, the dolls’ outfits look more like cartoon-like characters than real life K-pop stars.

The new BTS Mattel dolls are a unique and fun gift idea for your loved ones. The world has been taken by surprise by the success of the Korean boyband, who have released music videos and made appearances on SNL as well as The Late Night Show. The K-pop group has teamed with Mattel to create a line fashion dolls inspired by BTS. The dolls are known for their adorable and quirky outfits and can be pre-ordered now.

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