Bud Adams

Bud Adams Is Getting Ready to Sell His Oilers

Bud Adams was the founding and long-term owner of the Houston Oilers (now Tennessee Titans). Although not honored with induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame yet, his legacy in the NFL remains legendary. But it appears he may soon sell all or part of his team.

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Professional Career

Adam Oates made himself known in the NHL during his 19-year career, playing for Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals and Detroit Red Wings and scoring 1420 points overall.

He earned nine All-Star selections and was honored by being honored as part of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Class of 2012.

Oates was traded to Washington after spending five seasons with Detroit Red Wings, pairing up with Peter Bondra – leading Washington to reach the Stanley Cup Finals for five straight years and culminating in 2000 Stanley Cup Championship victory.

Owen Roche and Adam Larson discuss the latest NHL news, such as Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens entering a concussion protocol and Patrick Marleau becoming the oldest player ever to reach 1,768 career games this week. Furthermore, they explore where each division currently stands in their playoff predictions.

Achievement and Honors

Most notable accomplishment is probably taking the Oilers back into Stanley Cup playoff contention for the first time in years – an achievement rarely accomplished by any NHL team.

As well as winning four Stanley Cups, he also became the only Oiler ever to take home the Jack Adams Award, considered hockey’s premier coaching prize and given only once before in 1985-86 to John Sather.

As well as receiving this honor, he also won several other major awards including the King Clancy Trophy – bestowed upon the team with the most victories during a given year by league rules – which has become the highest award in hockey. Not only is it highly coveted but also one of its recipients is considered one of its own kind!

Personal Life

Adam has seen incredible highs and devastating lows during his hockey career, while also taking significant steps toward combating systemic racism and intolerance within professional sports.

He co-founded the Hockey Diversity Alliance, an organization which seeks to foster racial awareness and inclusion within ice hockey, alongside working alongside Connor McDavid on numerous charitable endeavors.

He has also suffered the tragic loss of his father, an NHL draft pick and Swedish professional hockey player who passed away in 2018. It was an event which changed him profoundly.

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