car accident on 985 north today

Five Car Crash on I-985 North Today

During the early morning hours of Monday, October 26, a five car crash on I-985 in South Hall County closed both northbound lanes for at least the next hour. While the traffic is expected to flow freely again, the accident has caused a fair amount of headaches for motorists in the area. This is especially true when you consider the fact that there are only a handful of intersections in the area, and the number of vehicles on the roadway is not exactly high. Until about noon, traffic was diverted via various roads around the county.

A closer look at the incident revealed that there was a truck on the scene, and an unrelated fender bender was the most likely culprit. However, the most interesting aspect of the crash was that it was the driver’s vehicle, and not the occupants of the other cars involved. The vehicle was a Peterbilt 320 commercial truck, and was reportedly traveling at a decent rate of speed. Despite the truck’s speed, it managed to avoid the front and rear ends of a Honda Civic and a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. In short, the driver of the vehicle was able to avoid being involved in a fatal head on collision. A subsequent investigation by the State Patrol and a few nearby law enforcement agencies found that the occupants of the vehicle had been uninjured.

It is not clear if the accident was caused by speeding or if the driver had a preexisting medical condition. The vehicle was towed from the scene, and the driver was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation. While no one was seriously injured, there were a few minor fender benders that required some emergency attention. The best thing to know about the crash is that the most important roadways will be closed until later in the day, and motorists should take advantage of the re-opening to make it to their destinations on time. The Department of Transportation has deployed personnel to the scene, and is directing motorists to alternative routes. Those motorists wishing to pass through the area should obey the hazard signs and heed the admonition to slow down and give way to slower moving traffic. A spokesman for the county says drivers should also consider paying attention to the speed limit, and avoiding pedestrians as much as possible.

A quick look at the accident prompted a call to the local fire department, which quickly dispatched crews to the scene. The accident was investigated by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, the Georgia State Patrol, and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and was cleared up by noon.

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