Carmen Dominicci Y Osvaldo Rios

Carmen Dominicci and Osvaldo Rios

Regardless of your religion, you are probably familiar with the quote, “Carmen dominicci y osvaldo rios.” That is because it is a common phrase to be heard around the world. While the phrase can be interpreted in a variety of ways, its meaning remains the same. It is a reminder that no matter what you believe in, we all have a lot in common. It’s a powerful statement.

Personal life

Known for her work as a journalist, Carmen Dominicci has amassed a large amount of wealth through a successful career. She has also become known as a travel blogger, where she shares her travel adventures with followers on social media.

Carmen Dominicci was born on July 15, 1966, in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She has a height of 1.69 meters and weighs 58 kgs. She graduated from Magna Cum Laude with a degree in journalism. She has appeared in several television commercials in Puerto Rico. Her first husband is Osvaldo Rios, a Puerto Rican actor and musician. She married him in 1990. Their marriage was later annulled. They had one son together, Giuliano.

She started her career in journalism as a news reporter. She was a news anchor at WAPA-TV, a Puerto Rico-based television station. Her career also included being a reporter for Telemundo and Tele-Once. She also presented a special called “Muriendo por Cruzar”, which won her several awards. In 2010, she was listed as one of the 50 most beautiful girls in Espanol magazine. She also won the Emmy Awards for excellence in breaking news in Spanish. She has won five Regional Emmy Awards in total.

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