Carroll Dunham Net Worth

Carroll Dunham is an esteemed American painter renowned for his bold and vibrant figures depicting sexualized imagery. His paintings are widely collected around the globe.

He is married, with two children: Lena Dunham is an actress/writer/producer; while Cyrus Grace Dunham works in film.

Early Life and Education

Carroll Dunham, an American painter renowned for his distinctive paintings that combine Minimalists such as Brice Marden and Robert Ryman’s chaotic scribbles with Pop aesthetic bold black outlines, has built up quite an enviable reputation.

In 2012, Dunham created the popular HBO show Girls that follows a group of young women in their twenties. It earned her many accolades.

Carroll Dunham is married and the proud parent of two children; daughter Lena works in writing, filmmaking, directing, acting and music while son Cyrus performs on keyboard. Carroll Dunham prefers keeping his personal life private and has not been involved with any controversies or gossip surrounding him; he’s known to be quite attractive with dark eyes and hair and stands at an average height.

Professional Career

Carroll Dunham has enjoyed an immensely rewarding professional career. A renowned painter, his work has received widespread critical acclaim and been showcased at many major exhibitions including those hosted by prestigious institutions like Museum of Modern Art New York; Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid.

He has also written and directed films such as 2012 feature Tiny Furniture. Lena Dunham is best known as an actress, writer, and director best known for creating and staring in HBO series Girls.

Her family boasts an artistic legacy; her father is an esteemed painter while her mother is a fine artist. Furthermore, she graduated from Oberlin College and Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn.

Achievement and Honors

Lena Dunham has become widely-renowned through her art as well as creating, writing and staring in HBO’s hit television series Girls which premiered at the beginning of 2012. Girls has helped increase her profile significantly.

Her parents were both artists, creating an artistic environment in her upbringing. Through hard work and determination she established herself in the entertainment industry.

Carroll Dunham currently lives in both New York City and Connecticut with his wife Laurie Simmons and has two children together: Lena Dunham and Cyrus Grace Dunham. Neither has been involved with any rumors or controversy regarding him in any form; preferring instead to remain out of sight from media coverage altogether. An attractive older man with dark eyes and black hair.

Personal Life

Dunham lives with Laurie Simmons, also an artist, dividing their time between Connecticut and New York City and raising their two children Lena Dunham and Cyrus Grace.

Carroll Dunham has earned an admirable living from his career as an artist, earning him an estimated net worth estimated by some online sources to be approximately $1 Million.

Real estate investments have also contributed significantly to his wealth and fame. Recently, his Brooklyn home was put up for sale, featuring a spacious layout with contemporary amenities. Furthermore, his family have taken many luxurious vacations together which undoubtedly added to their current wealth and status in society. Furthermore, these perks have certainly added a boost to his fortune and star power; many awards and honors were bestowed upon him throughout his career and given him a positive image around the globe.

Net Worth

Carroll Dunham has amassed considerable wealth throughout his career as an American painter. His works have garnered critical acclaim and respect from various quarters; thus providing a sustainable income to himself and his family through art.

Lena Dunham is an award-winning writer, producer, director and actress. She created, wrote and starred in Girls which won critical acclaim and garnered many awards.

Lena has produced various projects such as Creative Nonfiction and Delusional Downtown Divas on both television and the web, working on independent films before making her directorial debut with Tiny Furniture (2010) – a semi-autobiographical film that received praise from critics and won several awards.

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