Cerignola Olive

Cerignola Olive

Every true olive enthusiast knows that finding high-quality cerignola olives is essential. Aim for ones with crisp skins and deep flavor; supermarkets or online shops will carry these varieties.

This variety is named for Cerignola in Puglia, Italy, where its large 6g fruits grow.

Early Life and Education

DeCarlo Cerignola olives are large green olives with meaty texture and mild flavor, perfect for appetizer platters or cocktail drinks.

This variety is named for the town in which it was produced in southeastern Italy and can be grown worldwide, providing conditions are suitable.

Olive trees can thrive in various soil conditions, but this cultivar performs best in moderately alkaline and well-drained conditions. It also shows moderate resistance against primary olive diseases.

In Italy’s southeastern plain of Bari lies one of the main production regions for this olive variety. Orchards that specialize in growing it often blend it with Coratina and Cellina di Nardo varieties for maximum production and this particular variety stands out as it boasts strong resistance to fusarium wilt disease.

Professional Career

Cerignola (or Bella di Cerignola) olives are beloved among Italian olive enthusiasts, known for their mild flavor and buttery texture. Originating in northern Puglia’s Cerignola town, they make an excellent complement for hard cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano or Genoa salami; also make for a wonderful addition to Dirty Vodka Martinis!

They can usually be found at most grocery stores; if in doubt, it’s best to search for ones cured in natural brine with water and salt – avoid those made up of artificial ingredients like milk powder or other additives that contain artificial brines.

Achievement and Honors

The world’s largest olive, the green Bella di Cerignola variety, hails from Puglia (Italy). This particular cultivar originated in Foggia town itself; due to the favorable pedoclimatic conditions found therein, this varietal thrives perfectly here.

Fratepietro Olive Farm in Italy is the only family-owned company capable of handling the full production process involving these succulent olives from pruning, harvesting and packaging to packaging them up beautifully for consumption.

These giant Italian olives are sure to delight even those who claim not to be fans of olives! Light in flavor but packed with umami flavor, these olives pair perfectly with hard cheeses, cured meats or martinis for an unforgettable snacking experience!

Personal Life

Cerignola olive variety, so named for the small town it hails from, is popular due to its large size and buttery mild flavor. It pairs beautifully with hard cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano as well as mild and creamy mozzarella or salty salami like Genoa salami.

A versatile cultivar, olive trees are capable of growing in various climates. But they thrive most in warm and sunny Mediterranean regions such as Puglia in southern Italy – which boasts endless olive groves!

DeCarlo olives are harvested directly from our family farm in Puglia and brine-cured to provide firm yet plump texture. Perfect for antipasto platters, cocktails and as an hors d’oeuvre. Combine with Parmigiano-Reggiano wedges and bread for an enjoyable yet simple appetizer or cocktail hour treat!

Net Worth

Olives are an incredibly healthy snack that can also add umami flavor to your favorite recipes. Cinquina green cerignola olives are among the largest available, brined mildly sweet with firm and meaty textures for maximum enjoyment.

These olives come packaged in their iconic Italian glass jar, providing the ideal accompaniment to an antipasto platter or an aperitivo cocktail. Plus, they go perfectly with cheeses and meats!

Fratepietro Farm in Italy is the sole farm to oversee every step of Bella di Cerignola Olive production from pruning olive trees through harvesting and packaging; therefore ensuring quality product. Their olives boast firm texture with rich umami flavor that separates easily from their pit for an enjoyable bite-by-bite experience.

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