Chad Bradford Net Worth

Chad Bradford, an accomplished celebrity and social activist, is widely revered by young people due to his significant social influence. Through dedication and talent he has reached success.

He became widely known for his extreme submarine-style pitching style, leading Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball and subsequent movie to feature heavily him. Currently living in Raymond with wife Jenny and their children Keller and Walker.

Early Life and Education

Chad Bradford struggled to make his high school baseball team, but found success in community college baseball league. There he developed his distinctive submarine pitching style and quickly established a name for himself.

In the film, Bradford was originally selected by the Chicago White Sox during the 1994 Major League Baseball Draft but chose instead to return to college through 1996. They redrafted him again during their 1996 draft but this time around, he agreed to sign.

Bradford played for four different baseball clubs during his baseball career: Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox and New York Mets. Known for his unconventional submarine pitching style and impressive stats, Bradford retired from baseball in 2009. Since then he has ventured into various business endeavors and established partnerships with companies.

Professional Career

Chad Bradford was an accomplished professional baseball player from 1998 to 2009 who became well-known for his extreme submarine-style pitching that allowed underfunded teams to win games against more established opponents. Michael Lewis documented this phenomenon in his book Moneyball which was later made into a film starring Casey Bond as Bradford.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Bradford excelled as an athlete throughout his life. After attending Byram High School and playing college baseball at Hinds Community College and University of Southern Mississippi respectively, upon retirement he engaged in numerous business endeavors and investments which has greatly increased his net worth. Now living with his wife and family in Raymond Mississippi while supporting numerous charitable causes through his efforts.

Achievement and Honors

CHAD BRADFORD was honored with D CEO’s 2022 Financial Executive Awards as an Outstanding CAO, Controller or Treasurer winner for Elevate Credit of Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas. As senior vice president of finance and CAO of Elevate Credit he serves nonprime consumers. This is Bradford’s second win in three years.

Bradford is best-known for his submarine-style pitching, earning him a role in Michael Lewis’ book of the same name, Moneyball (2011). Additionally, he’s renowned for his strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail; both reflect Enneagram Type Five personality characteristics: thirst for knowledge, desire for privacy, ability to observe specialized knowledge and focus.

Personal Life

Chad Bradford and Jenny live in Raymond, Mississippi with their three children Keller and Walker as well as Lanie. Chad began his professional baseball career with the Chicago White Sox before being traded to Oakland A’s in exchange for Miguel Olivo from Chicago White Sox. Since then he has played for Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and Tampa Bay Rays among others.

He has an unconventional pitching style in which he releases the ball from an underhanded position near his waist. Casey Bond made a notable cameo as him in 2011’s Moneyball, based on Michael Lewis’ best-selling book of the same name, and won multiple awards for playing him. The movie itself also received critical acclaim.

Net Worth

Chad Bradford’s net worth stands as testament to his successful career both inside and outside the ring, alongside investments and endorsement deals that have seen his net worth skyrocket. Furthermore, Chad Bradford is well known for making charitable donations throughout his career and beyond.

Bradford was an influential Major League pitcher who was widely respected for his extreme submarine-style pitching technique that gave him an advantage against batters by producing deceptive movement and making it hard for them to connect with the ball. He made history during his time playing for Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox, and New York Mets teams.

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