Chris Novoselic Net Worth

The Net Worth of Chris Novoselic

TheRichest analysts have calculated the net worth of Krist Novoselic by stock ownership. They have accounted for the value of every stock that the rock star owns. Read on to learn more about the musician’s net worth. Also, learn about his political activism and career as a Nirvana member.

Krist Novoselic’s net worth

Krist Novoselic’s current net worth is around $80 million. He has earned this wealth through his career as a musician. He is perhaps most famous for being the founding bassist of the rock group Nirvana. The band was very successful during the 1990s and has sold over 75 million records worldwide. His second studio album sold 35 million copies and he is currently earning around $5 million a year in royalties.

Krist Novoselic’s wealth has grown in many ways. He has collaborated with various artists and bands to create a number of albums and singles. He has played with artists such as Flipper, Foo Fighters, and Kim Thayil. He is also a political activist.

Kurt Cobain’s net worth

When Kurt Cobain was alive, his net worth was estimated to be in excess of $50 million. This figure includes his earnings from his music projects. He had also built up a cult following at a very young age. His net worth was substantial, especially considering how much fame he achieved during his lifetime. However, despite his massive success, he suffered from mental health issues and drug addictions that made his life difficult.

Before his death, Cobain struggled with depression and drug addiction issues. The fame had a negative effect on his health and he was unable to handle the negative publicity. He died in 1994 of an overdose of heroin. He was 53 years old at the time of his death.

Kurt Cobain’s political activism

One of Cobain’s friends, Chris Novoselic, has been making headlines for his political activism. Recently, he criticized President Donald Trump’s “law and order” speech. This was the first press conference given by Trump since the police killing of George Floyd. The president even posed for a photo in front of a church with a bible. After making the remarks, Cobain’s bandmate quit Twitter and has been quiet about the incident. However, angry Nirvana fans have been posting on social media about his remarks.

Besides his music career, Chris Novoselic also has a career as a part-time DJ and actor. His net worth is estimated to be around $60 million. He has been married to Shelli Hyrkas since 1989. They have two children together.

Nirvana’s career

The net worth of Chris Novoselic is relatively high and is likely to grow even higher in the future. An activist and musician, he was best known as the bassist and co-founder of the rock band Nirvana. He has also had some success with his charitable work and has made a significant contribution to the field of AIDS research.

The musician has an estimated net worth of $80 million. During his tenure as bassist with the band Nirvana, he earned millions of dollars. The group sold more than seventy million records worldwide. Nirvana’s second studio album alone has sold 35 million copies. In addition, it’s estimated that he earns about $5 million a year in royalties from the band.

chris novoselic’s musical influences

The Nirvana guitarist has had a varied career. In addition to performing in his own band, he’s been active in politics and has founded a political action committee (PAC) called JAMPAC. He also writes a weekly political column for the Seattle Weekly and has worked on several electoral reform projects over the years.

In addition to Nirvana, Novoselic is the founding member of Sweet 75. This band was formed in 1995 and released an album the following year. Later, in 2002, he collaborated with the Foo Fighters, a group formed by Dave Grohl after Nirvana broke up. He also spent time writing a column on politics and music for the Seattle Weekly, and served on the board of FairVote.

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