Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

Chris Toma finds a deep sense of happiness in loving God, his wife, children, and extended family (biological and chosen). Whisky also features prominently.

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Early Life and Education

Thoma grew up in Sydney’s suburbs as an avid science and maths enthusiast, taking the toughest classes at school. However, his performance skills shone through and excelled in drama class where he could express another side of himself.

He has taught various courses at Thomas More College, such as Aquatic Biology and Genetics. With a passion for student-centric learning, he serves as advisor for Delta Epsilon Sigma (the College’s national scholastic honor society) as well as Outdoor Adventures Club Advisor and Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Committee Member.

Thoma and Elizabeth welcomed Oberon (Obie) into their family in 2014. Oberon was born with a condition known as an omphalocele – an unusual defect of abdominal wall.

Professional Career

Thoma is an active writer, regularly contributing content to religious and political news media outlets. His writings span pastoral care, liturgy and Christian suffering; among them his two-volume devotional collection The Cruciform Way: A Steady Cadence of Christ for Life which has received endorsement from Charlie Kirk and Sheriff David Clarke.

He frequently appears on podcasts and radio broadcasts to address current political and cultural issues. Additionally, he has spoken at political conferences, Right to Life assemblies, Lutherans for Life conferences, theological symposia, and various political conferences.

During the summers in Alaska, he works for Stan Stephens Cruises in Valdez as a cleaner/crewmember on their cruise boats. He loves living the Alaskan lifestyle and taking part in snowmobiling all year long.

Achievement and Honors

Chris Thomas has accomplished much throughout his wine career. Not only is he an award-winning winemaker and wine business innovator, he’s traveled widely promoting his wines and sharing their story.

He is a well-recognized speaker at religious liberty conferences and has shared the stage with numerous notable thinkers such as Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager and Dinesh D’Souza. Additionally, he’s involved with numerous action committees as well as Right to Life and Lutherans for Life assemblies.

Outside his professional life, Thoma is an ardent husband and father. Together with Jacque, they reside in Fort Dodge, Iowa with daughter Juniper. Additionally, the couple is active members of Journey’s Friendship Haven as well as contributing their time and support towards numerous charities and causes – they also enjoy traveling and camping!

Personal Life

Thoma is an active member of his church and regularly speaks on various political and cultural issues, appearing on radio programs and podcasts with top thinkers such as Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Dinesh D’Souza, Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk – to name just a few. Additionally he is frequently invited to give presentations at political conferences, Right to Life assemblies and Lutherans for Life gatherings as well as theological symposia.

He and Elizabeth reside in California with their children Everett and Imogen. In August 2021 they announced the birth of Juniper Grace Louise; sharing photos and videos showing off the family, such as a Kadazan ceremony that honors Thomas’ ancestors. Thomas also founded Dare To Be Active fitness app through which he guides followers through workout sessions.

Net Worth

His professional career has brought in significant sums. As an esteemed blues singer, he ranks high among the list of successful blues singers.

As part of his charitable work, he established The Waterboys with the purpose of providing clean drinking water to underdeveloped nations. A significant portion of his earnings has been contributed towards this organization.

Chris has appeared in various movies and TV shows. He played Walter Palmer in Better Off Ted and Sean Hastings in Filthy Lucre before going on to portray Michael in Inside Amy Schumer. Now living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with his wife and children – their luxurious lifestyle includes owning an array of luxury cars and houses!

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