Christina Lucas

Christina Lucas – Visionary in the Insurance Industry

Christina Lucas aspires to a more equitable world. Her expertise lies in cultivating growth and development within the insurance industry both regionally and globally.

Her installations, video works and drawings display her deep social commitment. From patriarchy and war to the human desire to control nature and dominate it all the way down to her audience’s engagement in nature conservation – her audience are challenged with an informed yet often critical viewpoint from this artist.

Early Life and Education

Cristina Lucas (b. 1973) is a multi-disciplinary artist working across video, installations, drawings and photography to explore power structures. She studied fine art at both the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and University of California Irvine before having her works featured internationally through solo and group exhibitions.

Christina studied neo-stoicism and Church Fathers; Pierre Gassendi’s Treatise of the Three Impostors offered particular insight. Additionally, Christina explored notions of femininity and feminism.

She gained stage experience as part of the DC Youth Ensemble and performed as Dorothy in The Wiz on Broadway. Additionally, she studied choral performance during high school and college before pursuing classical vocal performance at University of Maine.

Professional Career

Christina Lucas has dedicated herself to building an inclusive world. As President of Envista Forensics, she strives to make an impactful difference in insurance. Her work encompasses risk and claim management services with particular expertise in disaster response and business recovery.

She has established an effective national product representation firm. With the support of her team, she represents leading international manufacturers of interior furnishing products.

Christina graduated with a BA in Geography and Environmental Studies from UNM. As Garden Coordinator at the UNM Lobo Gardens, Christina integrates college courses with outdoor experiential learning activities focusing on agroecology, food systems, community permaculture and biodiversity. Christina took part in Las Huertas Farmer Training Program 2016 where she is passionate about reconnecting people with nature.

Achievement and Honors

Christina Lucas is an experienced senior executive and insurance industry visionary who has led teams around the globe for years. Now President of Envista Forensics, her focus lies on developing new initiatives which drive revenue growth while improving customer service satisfaction.

She employs performance, happenings, video, painting, drawing and installation art to highlight the irrationality of human activity and to explore traditional conflicting concepts such as reality and fiction. Her works also examine social, historical and political cliches such as women’s subordination or humankind’s desire to dominate nature.

Piper Prometheus (2013) examines aviation’s technical achievements through visualizing lift formula printed on banner attached to an aircraft. This form of filmic cartography mirrors her collective Forensic Architecture which seeks to give victims voice while holding perpetrators accountable.

Personal Life

Christina Lucas grew up with an open and accepting worldview that favors diversity and collaboration. Each day she wakes up passionate about supporting young people’s empowerment and development.

Lucas employs performance, installation, videography, photography and drawing as forms of self-expression to examine power structures. She subverts historical, social and political cliches in her work in order to address issues like women’s roles or our desire for environmental control.

She is delighted to join Sitar Alumni Actors Theater Company this February for A Raisin in the Sun and play Lena Younger (Mama). She says she enjoys bringing life and understanding to characters that belong to different eras and generations, who often find it hard to communicate effectively with one another.

Net Worth

Christina Lucas has amassed immense wealth through her career. Media appearances are her primary source of income and are estimated to account for most of it – as is estimated to be about $5 Million of her estimated net worth.

Social media influencer Christina Kayy rose to fame through the YouTube channel she runs with Cyrus Dobre (ex-husband). Together they post videos featuring their pranks, challenges and songs on the now named Christina Kayy channel.

She serves as global spokeswoman for World Hunger Relief and has given a Chrysler 300 that she herself signed, to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims at auction. Additionally, she has made many monetary donations to various organizations; advocating gender equality by challenging social, political, and historical cliches through her works.

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