Christmas Pj Party Images

Christmas Pj Party Images That Your Guests Will Love

Creating the perfect Christmas pj party doesn’t need to be difficult. With some simple and fun ideas you can turn your house into a winter wonderland that everyone will love.

Whether you are hosting an adult pajama party or a kids’ sleepover, here are some great ideas to get your guests excited for the holiday season.

Hot Cocoa Bar

If you are putting on a kids’ sleepover party, serve up some delicious hot cocoa with plenty of festive toppings. Make sure to have different flavors of chocolate plus some marshmallows, nuts and whipped cream to top it off!

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to get your guests into the holiday spirit and is a popular game for parties of all sizes. Set out a scavenger hunt where guests are challenged to find various items around the home, including Christmas themed ones!

Christmas Gift Wrap Relay

If your party guests are the type that enjoy a little competition, have a Christmas gift wrap relay. Split your party into teams and provide them with a bundle of wrapping paper, scissors, tape and gifts. The first team to completely wrap their presents wins!

Photo Booth

A photo booth is a great way to capture some amazing Christmas pajama party photos that your friends and family will cherish forever. With a few props and backgrounds it is simple to create the perfect Christmas themed photo shoot.

Christmas Cookie Baking Contest

A Christmas cookie baking station is a fun activity for all ages and will make for a great addition to your pajama party. This is a great idea for a family party or a girls’ night in!

Photo Contest

Another fun photo contest that is easy to set up, is to hold a pajama fashion show. Have your guests dress in their best Christmas pajamas and compete for the most unique Christmas pjs.

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