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The Mistakes of Duke Head Coach Krzyzewski

One of the best things about a 67-year-old coach is that he doesn’t have to worry about hair coloring or any other sort of cosmetics for that matter. This is a good thing, as it’s been shown that the right kind of care can help extend and improve your hair’s longevity and health.

Despite his age, Krzyzewski is still at the top of his game as the head hoops czar, leading Duke to five National Championships and an undefeated regular season. He’s also one of the most recognizable men in sports, and his name often appears in conversation as a byword for quality and excellence.

He’s got a knack for the big picture, but he’s also been known to get a little too involved in the minutiae of his work. That’s why it’s no surprise that he’s made some serious mistakes over the years.

The most obvious is his failure to take responsibility for the loss of the 1994 title, a season in which his team had a record of 3-20 (and the nifty tidbit was that he was forced to pull the plug after six games). Other less than classy moves include petitioning the NCAA for a no-holds-barred change in rule to allow him to start his own league (the NBA) and talking turkey with the Miami Heat.

Aside from his impressive oeuvre as a coach, Krzyzewski has made many other laudable contributions to the world of college basketball over the years. From his philanthropic work to his commitment to youth and sports medicine, he has a long list of accolades.

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