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Rita Rudner – Headliner for CJE SeniorLife Celebrates

Comedian who sold over one million tickets during her Las Vegas residency has embarked on a tour and performance at North Shore Center. She lives both in Las Vegas and Laguna Beach with husband Martin Bergman.

She delivers her observations of life’s everyday absurdities with few physical gestures, a bemused tilt of the head, and perfectly timed pauses that add an extra punchline or two.

Early Life and Education

Rudner began researching comedy at Manhattan clubs as she performed Annie on Broadway to make money, only to realize she could make more by becoming a stand-up comic than in musical.

Rudner is known for her observational, wryly humorous comedy that is beautifully delivered. Unlike Roseanne Barr or Whoopi Goldberg/Judy Tenuta, she doesn’t rely on sarcasm for laughs nor perform off-color routines that may contain sexual references.

Rudner has also written several film scripts with her husband and screenwriter Martin Bergman. Their first produced film, Peter’s Friends, featured Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, Kenneth Branagh, Imelda Staunton and Stephen Fry – it won the Evening Standard Peter Sellers award! She lives with Martin in Laguna Beach where Rudner performs at various venues each week. The couple have one daughter named Molly.

Professional Career

Rita Rudner started out her career as a Broadway dancer before transitioning into comedy as one of the first female stand-up comedians during the humor boom of the 80s. Her signature observational style has earned her numerous awards and honors.

Rudner has become a familiar face on television, appearing regularly on Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Additionally, she hosted Ask Rita – a syndicated daily TV program wherein a panel of celebrities would provide guidance in an informal manner to viewers with personal issues submitted via text message.

Veteran comedian Roseanne Barr is currently performing her long-running Las Vegas show while living in Southern California with her husband, writer Martin Bergman. They collaborated on two movies together – Peter’s Friends and Thanks (2011).

Achievement and Honors

Rita Rudner has earned several accolades over her long and distinguished career as one of the nation’s premier comedians, known for her hilarious, self-deprecating humor that has cemented her place as one of the country’s premier standup comics. Additionally, she is a New York Times bestselling author with one-liners that speak directly to everyday lives of many individuals; an inspiration to female comics and an icon within comedy itself, Rita is an ideal choice to headline CJE SeniorLife Celebrates event as she will not only perform live but will be performing live for its audience members!

Personal Life

Rudner divides her time between Las Vegas and Monarch Beach, California with her husband Martin Bergman (an actor) and daughter Molly (also an actress). Additionally, Rudner demonstrates an ardent philanthropic spirit by championing arts causes and women’s issues.

Since 2006, she has been one of the city’s go-to acts, selling over one million tickets and becoming one of the only female comedians with an extended residency in one or more Las Vegas casinos.

Rudner stands out among female comics for her soft yet feminine delivery and ability to seamlessly transition between topics and subjects. Her eloquence and effortless delivery distinguishes her from others of both sexes. Bell and Hollows (J.), Historicizing Lifestyle. Mediation Taste Consumption Identity from 1900s to the 1970s Routledge 2007. Calvi G, Signori Shifting. Social Adventures in Italy Bridge Milano 1986

Net Worth

Rita Rudner is an astute comic with an off-kilter sense of humor. While not interested in employing Chelsea Handler-like tactics or Sarah Silverman-esque button pushing, her approach remains effective: Rudner introduces topics, briefly touches upon them for comic effect before moving on; her humor remains racy but not vulgar, with few four-letter words used throughout.

Rita Rudner has accomplished much beyond stand-up comedy; she has written books, appeared in movies, hosted television programs and podcasts and is estimated to be worth an estimated $10 Million. Stay informed with Rita Rudner news and updates; you can even view her Salary and Income details – she currently resides in Las Vegas, United States.

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