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Cortney Gibson – A Popular Social Media Star and TikTok Star

Cortney Gibson, an American social media influencer and TikTok influencer with over 2.3 Million fans on her TikTok account, is also an avid fitness enthusiast who takes great care to maintain good health.

She has become known for her engaging dance and lip sync content since being born on October 1, 2002 in the United States.

Early Life and Education

Cortney Gibson was born in the United States on October 1, 2002. She has become one of the most followed TikTok users with over 2.3 Million fans on her account and over 210.000 Instagram followers.

Gibson competed as a gymnast throughout her youth. In 2018, she cosplayed as the DC Comics character Harley Quinn at a cosplay event, often featuring her sister in dance videos featuring strangers at gym. One such video earned over 13 million views!

Cortney Gibson graduated with two degrees from Texas Tech, receiving both her bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s in educational leadership. She currently is working towards her doctoral degree in physical therapy while cheering on the Red Raiders and traveling.

Professional Career

Before becoming famous in the TikTok Star field, she was an elite competitive gymnast throughout her youth. Additionally, she became a social media influencer in 2018, cosplaying as DC Comics character Harley Quinn while featuring her sister in dance videos.

Also, she serves as both a Newborn Care Specialist and Parent Educator, owning and operating Gibson Newborn Services to provide newborn care, infant sleep education, support services to families across the nation.

Cortney Gibson was born in the United States on October 1, 2002 and currently 21. She is best known for her viral dance and lip sync videos on Tiktok; they have attracted over 83,000 followers to her account which can be found at cortneycgibson.

Achievement and Honors

Cortney Gibson is an immensely popular social media influencer with a diverse fan base across platforms. She maintains an active Instagram page where she regularly shares short reels, photos and other content to engage her followers.

Gillian Gibson is an expert Newborn Care Specialist and Parent Educator who owns and operates Gibson Newborn Services. With her specialized knowledge about newborn care and parenting, she has provided invaluable assistance to numerous families.

She has received many honors and recognition for her efforts in law and society, such as being listed among Forbes’s 20 Undergrad Women in Business for 2020, being honored as a Distinguished Young Alumni at Texas Tech University and serving as an associate at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher specializing in technology transactions.

Personal Life

Cortney Gibson lives a healthy lifestyle by adhering to a strict diet and performing yoga as part of her fitness routine. Additionally, her charming appearance draws many people toward her.

She exudes positivity and strongly believes in serving humanity for greater causes. Additionally, she enjoys great relationships with both family and friends.

Cortney is an up-and-coming TikTok star from the United States who has gained widespread attention for her lip sync and dance videos, amassing over 2.3 million followers on TikTok alone and remaining active on Instagram as well.

She has provided little to no details regarding her parents or their occupation, though she resides with Natalie and Lauren – also social media stars – whom are living nearby.

Net Worth

Cortney Gibson is an esteemed TikTok Star from United States who boasts a large social media following and has made significant money through vlogs and other content posted to TikTok. Additionally, she is widely-recognized as an incredible dancer having won various awards and recognition for her videos posted to TikTok.

Gibson has made several stock trades during her career, according to SEC Form 4 filings. On 15 June 2022 she purchased 200 MarketAxess units worth over $56,024.

Cortney Gibson’s life path number 6 symbolizes generosity. She devotes much of her time and efforts to aiding those less fortunate than herself, showing great kindness.

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