Dababy Costume

Celebrities Are Obsessed With the Dababy Costume

You may be familiar with the Dababy from SexMP, a human with no legs who appeared in episode “Miami.” She was the main character of the show. Before the Kamaro Bombing, Alice wore a Dababy costume. The Gexan government used Alice as a scapegoat in the bombing. Dababy was used by the Gexan government to cover up the Technocratic Party’s role in the bombing. Alice then caught up with Dababy, who sought vengeance against the Gexan government.

B. Simone, a singer, is also obsessed with the character. This Halloween, she wore a DaBaby wedding dress and carried a cardboard cutout of the character in a tux. She called it the “most epic wedding reception party” she’d ever attended. The DaBaby costume has become a major part of pop culture. The pop star has also appeared in Lil Kim’s “Girls Cruise”.

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