Dan Bolin

Dan Bolin

Dan Bolin, an accomplished local government attorney at Ancel Glink, regularly advises governmental clients at board and commission meetings and assists in handling land use and development matters. Additionally, his area of specialty lies within election law; regularly appearing before and serving on local electoral boards regarding challenges to candidate nominating petitions.

Bolin also co-designs and produces injection molding tooling and high-speed stamping dies for production tools at Bojo Inc. in San Jose, California.

Early Life and Education

Bolin was born in Poughkeepsie in 1908 and graduated at the top of her class. Admitted to Wellesley College, however her adviser advised against enrolling due to Gaius Charles Bolin’s strong views on how young men and women should conduct themselves.

With his reluctant blessing, she attended Yale Law School and graduated as the first black woman from law school. After starting her legal career with her father’s Poughkeepsie practice before moving to New York City.

In 1939, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia appointed her as the inaugural female judge at New York City’s Domestic Relations Court and she went on to serve with distinction for more than thirty years.

Professional Career

Dan Bolin graduated from the ME Department in 1995, and founded Bojo Inc. to design and manufacture injection molded parts and high-speed stamping die tooling. Bolin also serves as production machine designer/builder for automotive subassemblies as well as aerospace industries.

Bolin created “The Thorn,” a live-action show which has since become an international success and led to thousands of commitments for Christ.

Refueling in Flight Ministries, a Christian nonprofit established to support his writing, speaking and event leadership activities, is currently led by him as its president. Prior to that he served as International Director for Christian Camping International – an alliance of national and regional camps, conferences and retreat ministries serving over 13 million people annually.

Achievement and Honors

Bolin never wavered in her commitment to serving others and upholding children’s rights and education, remaining humble throughout her career and keeping a focus on her mission to aid people – one which extended beyond her bench work and onto other fronts such as working against racism and education issues.

Bolin’s contributions helped to draw international attention to climate change, caused by manmade greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and ozone. She played an essential part in creating numerous research programs dedicated to understanding and combating global climate change that exist today as a result of her work.

National Science Foundation, American Meteorological Society and Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences have bestowed him with membership. Indianapolis Metropolitan Band has dedicated a rehearsal hall in his name; Butler University conferred him with an honorary doctorate. NatSci AA also offers Tracy A. Hammer Graduate Student Award and Dan Bolin Undergraduate Scholarship under his name.

Personal Life

Bolin served as International Director for Christian Camping International (CCI), an alliance of 24 national and regional associations of Christian camps, conferences, retreats and outdoor adventure ministries that serve over 13 million people annually. He has spoken all around the globe on leadership issues within camps as well as written numerous books related to camp ministry.

He leaves behind Anne Gaasedelen as his soulmate, two daughters, one grandson, and an extended family that loved him with all their hearts. He enjoyed gathering friends and family for barbeques, playing pool or cribbage games or simply relaxing by the lake.

Plaintiffs allege that Bolin violated Henson’s Fourteenth Amendment due process rights and various ADA claims under 42 U.S.C SS 1983, according to their claims. Bolin claims his actions are protected by qualified immunity.

Net Worth

Dan has amassed considerable wealth through his poker career. Reportedly worth around $200 Million, he claims that though only winning small sums at official events – such as tournaments – his earnings include millions more from private gaming sessions.

He lives a lavish life, traveling the globe to party with different girls. He boasts thousands of followers on Instagram and often shares pictures with them both.

He has also appeared in several movies and TV shows, playing roles such as Teddy’s guy from The Equalizer drama and Cordray from Cat Run 2 comedy; additionally he appeared as Higgins from Extraction action movie. Additionally he made one insider trade worth over $2 Million of Dillard’s Inc stock.

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