Dan Concannon

Dan Concannon, Actor: The West Wing

Danny returns to the Briefing Room in Season Five of The West Wing. He and C.J. become closer again after Danny discovers evidence implicating the White House as being responsible for Qumari Defense Minister Abdul ibn Shareef’s murder.

Manchester School District denied Union Leader’s request to review documents that might shed light on his complaints regarding training. To contest this ruling legally. He may consider filing suit.

Early Life and Education

Dan Concannon was a kind and generous soul who always tried his best to do what was right. His greatest happiness came from making memories with family and friends; reading in solitude, watching sci-fi flicks, diving under water for aquatic creatures such as whales or sharks were among his favorite pastimes; also loved a good cheeseburger as an avid 15 year member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Concannon appeared on Fox News host Laura Ingraham Wednesday to address Manchester school district’s controversial training, which he alleges promotes “dehumanization of white people.” To his great relief, school employees and complete strangers alike have shown him immense support.

His Twitter feed indicates otherwise; it shows him to be linked with white nationalist accounts such as Nicholas J. Fuentes, Lana Loktoff and Henrik Palmgren who all belong to far-right website Red Ice TV; furthermore he frequently retweets posts from white supremacist organization VDARE.

Professional Career

He served as White House correspondent for the Bartlet Administration and quickly earned their trust and favor; often scoring interviews with senior staff members and sometimes the Press Secretary himself. Furthermore, C.J. Cregg and he have an on/off romance and they both own an ornamental bowl of goldfish called Gail that they share together.

He leads Glass Lewis’ worldwide sales functions and brings more than two decades of leadership experience in financial information services and governance, risk and compliance segments to Glass Lewis from CFRA Research where he served as Chief Revenue Officer.

Manchester School District documents released to The Union Leader reveal that Concannon cancelled an appointment with human resources three months prior to quitting over Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training program he claims is mandatory, yet they oppose his view.

Achievement and Honors

CAPT Concannon has held multiple roles on board USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 626), such as Shift Engineer and Maintenance Officer before serving on Global War on Terrorism Support Assignment.

His memberships include ArtsQuest Visual Arts Board, Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center Honorary Board, Lehigh Valley Community Foundation Cesar Bourdon Memorial Fund as well as past president of Greater Allentown Chamber of Commerce.

He took pleasure in reading in a quiet place and watching science-fiction movies during his free time, being an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous for 15 years and leaving a loving legacy with his mother Martha Elizabeth Concannon, his siblings, nieces and nephews.

Personal Life

Lindenhurst native Eric Lee received a heartwarming homecoming after serving with the Marines last year, receiving love and gratitude from family, friends, and strangers worldwide. Many Lindenhurst supporters came out in force to greet their hometown hero with love.

Atwood is best known for his role as White House Correspondent C.J. Cregg on the hit television series thirtysomething. Additionally, he directed three episodes of this show and appeared as Ray Kinsella in Kevin Costner’s fantasy flick Field of Dreams from 1989.

Manchester School District denied Concannon’s request for documents that would shed light on his complaint to human resources, stating it found nothing that violated state open records law. Meanwhile, The Union Leader also made requests for training materials related to Concannon.

Net Worth

Accessed May 2021, he had an estimated net worth of $13.4 Million with an annual salary of $4,271,470 as Global Group President and Clients and Business Partners at CBRE Inc. Additionally, he made several insider trading transactions involving Conmed Corp (CNMD), including two purchases and four sales.

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