Dan Deaton

The Branch Community Remembers Dan Deaton

Deaton’s work on the field integrates measurement, theory and empirical evaluation. He applies his “means-ends” approach by including subjective indicators of well-being into economic analysis.

His research is often the catalyst for change in public policy, such as his 2013 study which concluded that $5 trillion of foreign aid to poor countries had little effect on alleviating poverty – even Orange is the New Black referenced this discovery!

Early Life and Education

On August 31st 2010, Dan Deaton went home to be with our Lord. A dedicated husband, father, pastor, and professor; Dan held deep regard for His Savior and had high dreams and hopes for The Branch Community and its people.

Deaton’s work has been pivotal to many economic issues, from household consumption and poverty to consumption tax and unemployment. His criticism of popular measures that exaggerate poverty helped encourage surveys which account for individual circumstances more accurately.

Dr. Daniel Deaton, of Hagerstown, Maryland and affiliated with Meritus Medical Center. He accepts multiple insurance plans and is board-certified in Family Medicine.

Professional Career

Dan rose to meet the challenges presented by both work and his community with grace. A passionate cyclist himself, Dan fought tirelessly for road safety in Yellow Springs by testifying before state lawmakers. With that goal in mind, he testified in favor of passing legislation mandating motorists leave at least three feet of space when passing cyclists.

He was a dedicated father and grandfather who enjoyed many adventures with his son, daughter-in-law, and Shea – which will be sorely missed by friends, family, and colleagues.

In this Bloomberg article about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s crackdown on municipal bond disclosure violations, Los Angeles public finance partner Dan Deaton provides third-party commentary. Dan serves as bond counsel or disclosure counsel on municipal finance transactions across the country, and offers continuing education courses.

Achievement and Honors

He received the General Mal Wakin Character and Leadership Award from USAFA in 2014 for inspiring cadets during his time coaching MW baseball. Additionally, he served multiple churches as pastor and earned three Masters degrees from Gordon Conwell Seminary and Princeton Seminary.

He is a Fellow of both the Econometric Society and British Academy, and in 2007 was elected President of the American Economic Association. Dr. McIntosh has made significant contributions in understanding consumption at both individual and aggregate levels as well as poverty and welfare.

Deaton was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2015 for his research on consumption and inequality, becoming only the fourth Princeton University professor ever to receive such an honor since Christopher Sims (2011), Paul Krugman (2008), and Daniel Kahneman (2002). Deaton accepted this accolade with grace and honesty that has always defined him. His reaction upon receiving news of his award mirrored this characteristically humble attitude he has demonstrated throughout his career.

Personal Life

Deaton was calm and relaxed when accepting his Nobel Prize on its awarding day, seemingly at ease as he studied economic development based on a thorough consideration of data collected over a career devoted to collecting new kinds of information – particularly relevant for developing nations without easy access to statistics in the United States.

Since 1996, he has been criticizing American public policy. His writings focus on consumption habits and poverty in developing nations; household budgeting and savings; as well as his contribution to a theory of the relationship between income and wealth. He is a Fellow of both Econometric Society and British Academy.

Net Worth

Deaton, an economist from Princeton, is widely respected for his expertise on pandemic prevention, poverty alleviation efforts and economic policy as well as measuring human well-being. He enjoys an unusually high public profile for an economist — having been mentioned numerous times on Orange is the New Black and making appearances on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

His estimated net worth stands at $12 Million, earned through various means such as being CEO of Gravity Payments and investing in tech.

He has also been compensated for giving talks on various subjects. Additionally, he has invested in various startups. Furthermore, he is an accomplished musician with two albums released under his Double Vision band moniker.

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