Dan Driscoll

Dan Driscoll

Dan Driscoll strongly endorses President Trump’s economic policies and will strive to create good jobs, reduce regulations, and lower taxes. Furthermore, he strongly advocates protecting conservative mountain values as well as safeguarding the 2nd Amendment and upholding life.

His research has made significant strides forward in the fields of Prader-Willi syndrome, genomic imprinting and childhood obesity.

Early Life and Education

Dan Driscoll has received extramural funding for over 30 years and his lab has made important contributions in the areas of Prader-Willi syndrome, Angelman syndrome, genomic imprinting, early childhood obesity and more. His work has been published in many peer reviewed journals such as Social Problems, Sociological Forum and Comparative Politics.

Driscoll will fight to stop Washington’s socialist agenda and preserve our mountain values, defending the 2nd Amendment while supporting President Trump’s economic policies that create good jobs, reduce regulations and lower taxes.

Driscoll hails from North Carolina and served a 10-month tour in Iraq with the Army Cavalry Scouts before going to Yale Law School. He spent his formative years helping out at his family business while developing an interest in how government can aid small enterprises to thrive.

Professional Career

Dan Driscoll is a medical doctor specializing in reconstructive plastic surgery with a particular interest in international burn care. He has published numerous journal articles and presented nationwide and internationally; his research is funded by grants from the NIH, March of Dimes Foundation USA (PWSA-USA Foundation), Hayward and Schiller Foundations as well as others.

Dan is running in North Carolina’s 11th congressional district primary to replace Rep. Mark Meadows who will soon retire and is running to stop Washington’s socialist agenda, safeguard conservative mountain values and preserve the 2nd Amendment.

Dan previously held several roles for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and its predecessor the CFTC, including acting deputy director in its Division of Trading and Markets. Since 1989 he has also served on the Institute for Financial Markets Board of Trustees.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Driscoll is an alumni of Columbia College who is proud to have contributed to The Spectator newspaper as well as served as Director for Meade Anderson Undergraduate Philosophy Forum. Additionally, he was previously involved with Columbia Project for Homelessness as Coordinator; additionally leading pre-orientation programming through Columbia Urban Experience.

John has been awarded the George J. Mitchell Scholarship, which will allow him to study Irish history at Trinity College Dublin next year. Hopefully he can use what he learns there to bring Ireland’s economic and cultural history back home when he joins Congress in 2024.

Dr. Thomas has received extramural research funding from several sources such as March of Dimes, National Institutes of Health (NIH), PWSA-USA and Hayward Foundations that has enabled him to make significant advances in Prader-Willi syndrome, genomic imprinting and early childhood obesity research. In addition, he is a member of Johns Hopkins University’s Society of Scholars.

Personal Life

Dan was an incredible son, husband, father, grandfather, uncle, entrepreneur and friend to everyone he knew. His legacy will live on through the art he left behind.

Political scientist using comparative-historical and ethnographic approaches to examine social movements and public policymaking processes. His primary research focus lies with global climate change dynamics and how individuals react to it.

Driscoll is the founder and executive director of the International Society for Environmental Ethics and Philosophy (ISEP), an international scholarly association dedicated to advancing interdisciplinary inquiry on ethical issues related to science and technology. Additionally, he holds a professorship at University of Notre Dame while living with his wife Isabelle in Indiana with their three children Lili, Donovan, and William.

Net Worth

Driscoll earned a net worth of $500,000 through his work as a pastor. Taylor supports her husband in his professional endeavors; together they have two children and reside in Surf City, NJ.

Dan Driscoll intends to run for Congress as a mountain values candidate who supports traditional marriage and protecting the Second Amendment.

He firmly supports President Donald Trump’s economic policies of lowering taxes and regulations to create jobs, fighting the socialist agenda in Washington and providing conservative leadership to his district. Additionally, he advocates for strong national defense as a steadfast supporter of our military, veterans and their families while loving nature and fishing as an avid fisherman.

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