Dan Foltz

Dan Foltz

Early Life and Education

Foltz first entered law practice in California as one of only a few women to do so at that time, in 1910. She soon began making waves, helping pave the way for changes like women serving juries and the 19th Amendment granting women voting rights, advocating social reform and abolishing slavery despite her challenging upbringing, where she spent many summers working either on farms or her father’s bowling alley; experiences which instilled hard work into her.

Professional Career

Dan Foltz is a Design Principal with Weber Thompson where he has led on complex domestic and international urban projects with an emphasis on high rise developments. Additionally, he is active within Seattle through membership on several committees.

His professional journey began in construction where he successfully oversaw large-scale project delivery for companies like Tefft & Donaldson Contractors, Southwestern Bell Telephone and Astra-Merck. Later he turned his focus towards healthcare where he specialized in the transformation of data systems for drug safety operations following Fen-Phen market withdrawal.

His expertise includes overseeing programs that developed claims systems, provider database systems, member web portals and business intelligence data warehouse systems. Today he works closely with healthcare organizations to leverage data to create value for stakeholders.

Personal Life

He was an active community member as well as professional. He belonged to the Downtown Optimist Club of Topeka and served as its past president; Arab Shrine (where he served as former potentate of its Greeters Unit); Wakarusa Masonic Lodge and more.

As an amateur pharmacist in Chambersburg, he quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the most successful merchants in Franklin County. He has become deeply embedded into its material interests – be they railroad expansion plans, waterworks development or any other vital aspect.

He served in several notable Civil War campaigns west of the Mississippi that resulted in their conquest. Unfortunately, during one battle he was slightly wounded.

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