Dan Hite

Dan Hite, a Young Journalist From Logansport, Ohio, Has Passed Away

Daniel admitted he did not fully comprehend his end-times revelation and asked Gabriel for further explanation; however, Gabriel declined.

Hite recently relocated from northeast Missouri. His past professional experiences include teaching various sciences at a college level; however, he now feels called by God into pastoral ministry.

Early Life and Education

Hite has long been committed to wildlife conservation efforts, particularly birds. Growing up in Delta and Bellefontaine, Ohio and graduating from Four County Vocational School. After attending Ohio State University for his plant genetics degree he worked at Schmidlin Greenhouses Wishwell Farms until becoming nursery manager at Means Nursery.

Auten also served Audubon Arizona as an intern before becoming a River Pathways staff member, with an emphasis on teaching youth about nature. He leaves behind his mother Debra (Carl) Auten of Walton; daughter Mikaela Hite of Logansport; sister Kari Parmeter and Dakota, New Waverly; step brother Carl (Sami) Auten, Flora IN and many cousins as survivors.

Emma Gentile is an occupational therapist at New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital where the couple met while still in high school and have been together ever since.

Professional Career

Daniel participated in numerous conservation, outreach, and education projects at Audubon Arizona. He collaborated with River Pathways interns and Mackenzie Fellows to inspire youth to pursue environmental careers; conducted bird surveys such as those for marsh birds and Western Yellow-billed Cuckoos to assess riparian habitat health; worked closely with River Pathways interns as River Pathways interns; mentored River Pathways interns on River Pathways Interns/Mackenzie Fellows to inspire environmental careers among them; worked as River Pathways intern/Mackenzie Fellow to encourage them; worked extensively with River Pathways interns/Mackenzie Fellows as River Pathways interns/Mackenzie Fellows to inspire youth into environmental careers; worked with River Pathways interns/Mackenzie Fellows to inspire environmental careers among them and conducted bird surveys such as marsh Birds/Western Yellow-billed Cuckoos/ Western Yellow-billed Cuckoos surveys/bird surveys conducted to assess habitat health within their riparian habitat health upon assessment conducted as well.

He is married to Nancy, a substitute teacher at Temple High School. He specializes in biology and chemistry teaching, has three children and moved his family from northeast Missouri to Columbus Ohio last September.

Hite is survived by his fiance, Brandi Vail; three children (Swayzee, Rhylie and Marshall); his mother Debra Auten from Walton; step sister Kari Parmeter with fiance Dakota of Logansport as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held Thursday December 6 at LifeGate Church Logansport.

Achievement and Honors

Elon University honored Hite with four awards during the spring semester, including their overall Journalism Award which honors students who meet rigorous academic standards while being leaders in student media organizations and an award from Scripps Howard Foundation to study journalism abroad in Japan and South Korea.

Heminway Scholar awards were bestowed upon top-ranked first-year students (after 2021-22 school year). Salik Ahmad, Tanush Biswal, Sarah Collins, Dominic Buoscio, Drew Huffman Adam Field Ishaan Mishra and Fritz Kyser were selected.

The Howard Hite Award recognizes ADS members in Region 2 who have made notable advances in hybridizing through years of dedication to their programs. This honor is named for Howard Hite, an early breeder of daylilies who died prematurely.

Personal Life

Dan Hite was engaged to Brandi Vail when she and three of their children, Swayzee Hite, Rhylie Hite, and Marshall Hite died in a house fire in Logansport on Wednesday morning. Survivors include Chester and Eula Hite as well as two brothers as well as several nieces and nephews.

He has taught Worldview Foundations since 2005 at Pillar Christian Academy as well as American History: Christian Self-Government since 2008. Additionally, he serves as director for both programs.

Hite has also provided substitute teaching services nationwide. He and his wife Nancy recently relocated from northeast Missouri and plan to continue teaching at Temple High School. Together they have three adult children; their eldest graduated from Temple and is now teaching in northwest Ohio.

Net Worth

Hite’s career success can be seen through his resilience against learning disabilities, vision issues and short attention span. Yet all these obstacles were the things which allowed him to be so influential – something every trader can draw inspiration from.

Hite has an estimated net worth of approximately $4.8 Million and owns approximately 97,267 shares of OrthoPediatrics Corp. He recently made an insider transaction involving 6,885 shares that netted out as being sold off at a net price.

Surviving are his mother, Debra Gaby of Logansport; father, Curtis Hite of Flora; step-sisters Kari Parmeter (and her fiance Dakota) from New Waverly; Taylor Hite (Kokomo); step brothers Carl Auten and Zach Auten both of Walton; as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Hite lost his beloved wife Shere in 2015 – an accomplished singer-actress known for starring in several movies and TV series.

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