Dan Hoey

Dan Hoey

Hoey is an accomplished chemical engineer with 27 years of experience in pharmaceutical product development, manufacturing and business operations. Currently he leads global supply chain operations for EQRx – an innovative pharmaceutical company focused on patient-centric solutions.

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Early Life and Education

Hoey was born in the United States. She earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Trinity College in Washington D.C. before earning an appointment as Director of Social Research with the National Tuberculosis Association.

She was an accomplished author who published numerous works addressing political and social topics. Additionally, she was widely respected as a lecturer and speaker; her works impacted numerous individuals worldwide.

At age 18 she began her educational career in Minnesota. Teaching various content-area classrooms before transitioning into administration and eventually becoming a high school Principal was only part of her journey. Now an accomplished educator herself, she also raises three children: Simon, Izaak and Elijah while being active within her Catholic Church and engaging in hobbies like reading and playing music as hobbies.

Professional Career

Daniel Hoey is an accomplished global pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain operations executive, holding a bachelor of chemical engineering from Purdue University and serving at Merck for 27 years, leading technical operations, commercialization, strategy development for their API and biologic business units.

He is an industry-renowned leader in applying lean/six sigma and change execution methodologies to pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, most recently leading the transformation of Teva Pharmaceutical’s highly competitive fully integrated global supply chains aimed at patient healthcare solutions.

Rebecca, Dean of Graduate School & Adult Learning at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, and Simon are blessed with three sons; Simon is twinned with Elijah while Tehya is their lone daughter.

Achievement and Honors

Hoey’s debut novel, The Butterfly Lady, was recently published by Flaming Giblet Press and tells the tale of residents in Cleveland Ohio seeking love despite identity barriers. Hoey is part of UNT’s literary program which became renowned when an annual award for Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainier Maria Rilke was established.

Hoey will serve as assistant dean at his college and lead its Social Sciences, Fine Arts and Humanities Divisions as well as its Guided Pathways initiative as well as service learning initiatives such as AB 705, public policy initiatives and public service learning activities. In addition, he will oversee its theater, art gallery and writing center.

Hoey has made significant contributions to his community, serving on numerous committees and boards. He holds membership in both the Association of Writers and Writing Programs and Modern Language Association as well as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Personal Life

Dan Hoey was a kindhearted individual, creating friendships with all whom he met. He adored his family and church community – Olivet United Methodist in Coatesville was his spiritual home – was an avid science fiction fan, attending many conventions each year; also passionate about puzzles such as Rubik’s cube, giving demonstrations at local schools.

He is a 1989 Chemical Engineering graduate of Oxon Hill High School. With over three decades of experience in pharmaceutical product development, manufacturing operations management, and global supply chain management.

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Net Worth

Hoey amassed an estimated net worth of over $10 Million over his lifetime through various projects and ventures that earned him fame in computer science. Additionally, he took an interest in politics and was an active supporter of the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association.

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