Dan Martuscello

Dan Martuscello – A Tri-County Attorney

Dan was dedicated to his family and took great pleasure in being involved with South Troy Pop Warner and Capital District Pop Warner, two programs he joined over the course of many years.

Martuscello assumed operational oversight of DOCCS after Governor Kathy Hochul appointed him acting commissioner in April 2004. He has worked at the prison agency since 1997.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was present when the RMS Lusitania was destroyed by German torpedoes during World War 1. Bishop Scully High School in Amsterdam was his place of graduation before attending Norwich University and Oswego State College for further studies.

He was an exemplary family man who put family first above everything else. Additionally, he was an active supporter of local communities such as South Troy Pop Warner, Capital District Pop Warner and other non profit organizations in his region.

Starting his tenure at DOCCS in 1997, Mr. Thompson rose through the ranks before being appointed superintendent of Coxsackie Correctional Facility in 2008. However, investigations by New York Focus revealed instances of officer abuses and an unwillingness to implement oversight measures under his watchful leadership.

Professional Career

Over 50 years he served DOCCS prison agency, rising through its ranks to hold every security title before becoming superintendent at Coxsackie Correctional Facility. Additionally he provided legal advice as a consultant to private firms as well as free legal work to local school districts and Capital District Pop Warner programs.

Formerly, he assisted in writing legislation such as changes to Rockefeller drug laws and limited credit time allowance laws as well as helping establish the DOCCS Sexual Abuse Prevention and Education Office. Furthermore, he held certification from the Department of Justice PREA auditor.

Miller described his boss at DOCCS as an influential figure who promoted female acquaintances and friends into supervisory positions, often over rival supervisors or internal affairs investigators who reported abuses or challenged supervisors. Miller observed instances where internal affairs investigators had been targeted with threats for challenging supervisors or reporting abuses, prompting internal affairs investigators to be retaliated against.

Achievement and Honors

Martuscello is an accomplished attorney with deep ties to the prison system. He co-authored a two-volume manual on New York jury instruction and received the Brooklyn Bar Association’s annual gold medal award.

Mr. Browne was also honored with the Columbia Lawyers Association Rapallo award and was an active participant of its state Appellate Division for years.

Martuscello’s family members spoke positively of his kind character during his courtroom appearance. Dulce, his sister, expressed hope that all three defendants would emerge from prison as more moral individuals.

Recently, a judge handed Raymond Matros and Malave and Anthony Matros 24-year prison terms and 10-year sentences respectively for their role in committing the killing at Glen Avenue home to settle drug debts.

Personal Life

Dan was a loving family man, taking great pleasure in spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren. Additionally, he was known as an enthusiastic supporter of local communities and sports teams; and for his wit, wisdom and honesty; not to mention being an excellent coworker and friend.

Holohan-Scally made these remarks during opening statements at Ferro’s trial, detailing an environment where nepotism and connections ruled supreme, while investigators who challenged supervisors or exposed abuses faced retaliation from them. She provided examples in which Martuscello’s brother-in-law (formerly Coxsackie superintendent), hired female acquaintances as employees while becoming head of DOCCS’s internal investigations department despite internal turmoil surrounding him.

He has advanced rapidly within DOCCS, becoming executive deputy commissioner, the agency’s second-highest post. Reportedly he now oversees multiple specialized divisions.

Net Worth

Dan practices out of our Marlboro office, handling cases in Supreme, Family and Surrogate’s Courts throughout Dutchess, Ulster and Orange Counties as well as appeals.

Martuscello’s siblings and in-laws also work for the state prison agency where he began as a Coxsackie guard in 1997. Christopher works in their internal investigations department which has recently been embroiled in scandal.

Catherine, his eldest of three daughters, works in central office as a nursing specialist while her younger daughter Angela works as a teacher in DOCCS’ new educational services division. Additionally, his wife works for the agency as title closer and New York Focus has documented a pattern of resistance by leadership at DOCCS to external oversight from outside sources – which Martuscello himself may be part of.

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