Dan Peggs

Dan Peggs, the Superintendent of Altoona School District, Has Been Arrested

Twitter provided Wisconsin school district superintendent an opportunity to show his energy and involvement by regularly tweeting from basketball and volleyball games, choir concerts and theater productions.

Last week, however, he was charged with trafficking and creating child pornography with an underage female not enrolled in Altoona school district.

Early Life and Education

Dan Peggs was widely beloved among teachers at Wisconsin’s Altoona School District during most of his time there as Superintendent, being widely admired as an enthusiastic leader who was always willing to discuss curriculum or share humor with them. Furthermore, he was an adoring husband and father to four girls whom he doted upon.

Peggs was charged with two counts of child sex trafficking and one of producing visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct involving minors under 18 years of age; her victim had no legal contact with Peggs since mid-2016 according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Julie Pfluger.

He’s expected to plead guilty and face prison and supervised release sentences as part of a conviction, in addition to 15 years’ registration as a sexual offender in Wisconsin.

Professional Career

After serving as middle school principal and high school teacher, Peggs became superintendent for a small western Wisconsin district in July 2019.

Isaac has also proven himself an adept baseball coach, having seen several of his players pursue careers in both college and professional baseball, such as Isaac who was recently selected by the Los Angeles Angels in 2023.

Peggs will also serve ten years of supervised release after his prison sentence. Peggs’ victim, who remains anonymous in this case, expressed her satisfaction with this court’s ruling, believing that Peggs should have been held accountable for his actions since they weren’t just “mistakes of age”, but rather someone preoccupied with having sexual encounters with minors.

Achievement and Honors

As a student, Peggs made tremendous strides as part of the baseball team and earned two GSAC Player of the Year honors.

Prior to being appointed Altoona superintendent, he served as school administrator in several Wisconsin districts before being selected as their superintendent. While in these roles he held several additional responsibilities such as middle school principal and district assessment coordinator.

After Ashley was arrested, community members rallied together to assist Ashley and his daughters with meals, child care and donations. Brooke Kaldor and Laura Trachsel launched a GoFundMe campaign for them and have been overwhelmed by its response; exceeding their goal and providing funds to cover ongoing medical bills for both girls as well as creating Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups at academic institutions – it will even award lifestyle medicine fellowships as part of this fund for academic institutions – an unprecedented award in our country!

Personal Life

Dan Peggs rose quickly through the ranks to become Superintendent of Altoona School District after years of success as both teacher and principal. But on Thursday morning – as his small, tight-knit western Wisconsin community was shocked – federal charges of sex trafficking and possessing child pornography led to his arrest on federal charges of both acts.

The indictment alleges that from October 2015 through May 2016, Peggs recruited and maintained Jane Doe as an underage female for commercial sexual activity between October and May 2016 by making an iPhone video depicting sexually explicit acts performed by Jane Doe.

Ashley Peggs is due back in court Friday for a plea hearing before Judge Peterson and it is anticipated he will accept a deal wherein Peggs pleads guilty to one count of possessing child pornography while withdrawing charges of sex trafficking and production of child pornography.

Net Worth

Simon Pegg is a multi-talented professional, with his acting and writing careers having amassed him a net worth of $25 Million. He is known for writing movies such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz; additionally, he regularly donates money to charitable organizations.

He is the proud parent of one daughter, Matilda. He often posts pictures of Matilda on social media platforms to give fans a peek into his family life. Additionally, he maintains an active and healthy lifestyle as well as supporting various charity campaigns.

Dan Peggs, former superintendent of Altoona school district was arrested last year on charges of sex trafficking and producing child pornography. Following trial he was given a sentence of 96 months of incarceration plus 10 years supervised release with an order for payment of a $200,000 fine.

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