Dan Peyser

Dan Peyser

Dan utilizes seroepidemiology, transmission mapping and modeling techniques in his Ebola research in Sierra Leone and Liberia. His findings have been featured on medRxiv, Nature and New England Journal of Medicine, among others. After internal medicine residency he completed infectious disease fellowships at both UCSF and Berkeley before cofounding Wellbody Alliance with Partners In Health Sierra Leone.

Early Life and Education

Peyser served three terms in Congress representing New York’s 23rd Congressional District which encompassed parts of Yonkers as well as Westchester and Rockland Counties. He sat on the House Agriculture Committee – usually reserved for more senior Members – as well as leading an “ERISA Task Force”, established by House leaders to draft landmark legislation regarding employee benefits and retirement plans.

Before joining Congress, Peyser served as a Managing Director at NewSchools Venture Fund – a non-profit grant-making firm. Additionally, he held chairmanship on both Massachusetts Boards of Education and served as Education Advisor to Governors Weld and Romney. Peyser earned both his Bachelor and Master degrees at Colgate University – respectively from The Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Personal Life

Peyser married Dorothy “Dot” Peyser in 1962 and they raised one child together: Peter. Currently they reside in Irvington, a small community of 5,000 that is overseen by an appointed Board of Trustees and Mayor.

Peyser was the first New York Congressman to endorse Richard Nixon for President in 1968 and again after his landslide win in 1970. In 1976 he attempted to secure Republican Senate nomination by running as a Conservative under James Buckley; unfortunately due to Buckley’s deal with then Vice President Nelson Rockefeller however, Peyser could not secure enough resources for an effective campaign and ultimately suspended it in late July.

After the 1980 census, New York’s congressional districts were redrew. Peyser was assigned to New York’s 20th District which encompassed Orange and Sullivan Counties of Catskills. But as soon as Peyser received confirmation from his Republican-dominated State Senate he resigned shortly thereafter.

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