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Dan Steinmetz Jenkins

Dan Steinmetz is a video editor who has had work featured on Discovery Channel, Redbox Instant and other major networks. Additionally, he runs both a popular blog called Modern Intellectual History as well as a podcast dedicated to his subject matter.

He studies modern intellectual history and global politics, with particular attention paid to European thought, decolonization, theories of development, religion in public sphere and anti-imperialist politics. His current project examines why some intellectuals who identified with anti-imperialist politics came to such divergent conclusions about religion.

Early Life and Education

Dan Steinmetz-jenkins is an historian of modern European political and intellectual history who specializes in conservatism, nationalism, secularism and religion. He has written books, essays and articles for publications such as the Guardian, Times Literary Supplement, Dissent Magazine and Foreign Affairs about these subjects.

He has published academic papers in journals like Journal of Modern Intellectual History, International History Review and Global Intellectual History. Additionally, his work is regularly showcased on television programs and news broadcasts.

He is a frequent presenter at conferences and seminars covering historical topics, particularly European ones. A member of both the American Historical Association and The Immanent Frame editorial boards, he lives with his wife and two children in Washington D.C.

Professional Career

Steinmetz made significant advances in AC and DC circuitry with his research into ferromagnetic and ferroelectric materials for spintronics. While less concerned with public recognition for his efforts, he preferred conducting his work quietly behind-the-scenes rather than showing it publicly.

Stein was driven by an irrepressible curiosity for nature that eventually lead him down the path of photography as an expression of both art and science. Through National Geographic stories he traveled all across the globe, from red rocks of the Empty Quarter to Irian Jaya’s mysterious tree people.

Steinmetz is also an accomplished actor, having made his television debut as Martin Fitzgerald on General Hospital from 2004 to 2006. Since 2006 he has been serving as head coach of the Maccabees men’s basketball team – which earned its inaugural Skyline Conference Championship due to cancellation caused by coronavirus pandemic – while simultaneously running his own training program for high-school basketball players.

Achievement and Honors

Steinmetz was unable to stand upright until age 12, yet displayed remarkable skills in mathematics, physics and classical literature despite his physical deformity. As one of his school’s brightest pupils despite this flaw.

Once he left Prussia for America, he began working at Osterheld and Eickemeyer in Yonkers, N.Y. Almost immediately he began publishing in the field of magnetic hysteresis loss.

He simplified AC circuit theory, providing a practical method of calculating alternating current phenomena, creating an easy notation for AC circuits, and streamlining complex number phasor representation. He worked as a consultant for General Electric as well as serving on Union College faculty from 1903-1913 where he published 13 books and 60 articles.

Personal Life

Steinmetz was known for being an extremely generous individual who had a deep affection for children. Every Christmas he would buy gifts for every Schenectady orphan and answer student queries during breaks, after classes or at his home.

He donated money to his old gym, assisted the Socialist Party and served on the school board. Over his two terms on that board, he assisted in passing bond issues which built three schools or expanded existing ones as well as providing free school supplies and more playgrounds.

Steinmetz had achieved professional success but still felt something was missing in his life. With a hunchback and head that were disproportionally large for his body, he stood out among people with normal proportions, drawing stares from children and adults alike. Additionally, the Bohemian scientist craved family.

Net Worth

Steinmetz enjoyed many activities despite his small stature and kyphosis (an abnormal curvature of the spine), such as canoeing, swimming and cycling. Additionally, he developed an interest for trick photography using multiple exposures and multiple negatives layered together.

Steinmetz quickly made an impactful mark upon arriving in America. Immediately upon his arrival he designed lightning arrestors for electrical transmission lines and created laws to explain magnetic hysteresis (the delay between cause and effect in AC circuits). Additionally he advised General Electric and taught at Union College.

Today, Steinmetz stands as one of the wealthiest diamond owners worldwide. Additionally, he is an active philanthropist through the Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation which contributes significantly to society. Additionally, he proudly cares for four children of his own.

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