Dan Zilberman

Dan Zilberman – A Celebrity Profile

Daniel Zilberman is currently serving as a Managing Director at private equity firm Warburg Pincus and as such sits as a board member on Aeolus Re Ltd, Cortview Capital and Primerica Inc as well as being an observer on Sterling Savings Bank MBIA and Webster Financial Corporation boards.

The Zilberman group utilizes genetic, genomic and biochemical approaches to explore DNA methylation within chromatin using Arabidopsis thaliana as its model system. Their work has implications for human and plant health.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Zilberman has become a global celebrity over time. Known for his humanitarian efforts and numerous awards received for this, Daniel made both his home and office addresses public for easy contact between himself and his fans.

Zilberman was deeply influenced by Alexander Piatigorsky during his early years in Russia. Piatigorsky developed a sociological theory of tradition that became immensely popular, while Zilberman himself developed what came to be known as Modal Methodology as his unique way of methodological-philosophical thinking.

Daniel derives his name from the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament’s Ketuvim (Writings). This account of prophet Daniel’s exploits under Babylonian kings Nebuchadrezzar II, Belshazzar, Darius I and Cyrus II provides insight into Daniel’s character.

Professional Career

Dan Zilberman has become renowned worldwide, having achieved his professional goal of reaching out to as many individuals as possible through hard work and devotion over many years. This success can be attributed to Dan’s tireless dedication in reaching his professional objectives.

At present, he holds the Robinson Chair in Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley, writing both academic papers as well as general audience pieces that bridge economic theory with real-world problems in developed and developing nations.

He is widely known for his contributions to Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, sociological theory of tradition (co-developed with Alexander Piatigorsky), translations from multiple Hindu texts such as poetic excerpts from Mahabharata or parts of Tattva-Cintamani Tetralogy etc.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Zilberman has amassed numerous accolades throughout his long career. His service to humanity can be witnessed wherever he appears, making his presence well-known around the world.

Alongside his academic activities, Dr. Ogborn serves as director for several public companies such as Cortview Capital and Aeolus Re Ltd, serving on their respective boards as well as serving as observer on those of Sterling Savings Bank, MBIA and Webster Financial Corporation.

Science enthusiasts know him for his research in genetics, cell biology and molecular biology. Recently he was honored as one of three UC Berkeley professors selected as Faculty Scholars by HHMI, Simons Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Faculty Scholar Program; which offers early/mid career scientists flexible funding to pursue their best research ideas.

Personal Life

Daniel Zilberman is the founder of a family foundation which awards grants to young scientists to follow their research dreams. Additionally, he serves as Senior Fellow and lecturer at Wharton School’s private equity courses. Furthermore, as Partner at Warburg Pincus he oversees both Capital Solutions and Financial Services businesses globally while previously acting as Head of Europe before co-founding an investing group focused on Financial Services investments.

He holds both a BA in International Relations from Tufts University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and extensive board experience having served on Max IT, Exeter Finance, McGill & Partners, AION Cortview Capital Singular Bank Aeolus Re Primerica Inc boards; additionally being an observer for Sterling Savings Bank and Webster Bank as well.

Net Worth

Dan Zilberman has earned great respect from his peers in business, and his rising net worth reflects their efforts. His success stands testament to their hard work.

At present, he serves on the boards of Max IT, Exeter Finance and McGill & Partners; previously, he held board membership at several Warburg Pincus portfolio companies such as Aeolus Re, AION Primerica Inc Network International Santander Consumer USA The Mutual Fund Store.

He has an abundance of knowledge in the financial industry that has contributed to his success, as well as an in-depth knowledge of technology which allows him to make wise investments.

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