Daniel Alderman

The Life of Daniel Alderman

Daniel Alderman is a radiologist in Belgrade, Montana who is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area and boasts more than 20 years of experience. Additionally, Daniel enjoys running and making music.

He is deeply dedicated to assisting Chicago in breaking free from its segregated past and preparing it to weather climate change storms. Through policies developed under his tutelage, more equitable development processes have been put in place in the City.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Alderman of Duplin County, North Carolina served in Captain Coleman’s Co. 10th N. C. Regiment under Major Griffith McKee of the Continental Army. A man of normal physical stature with keen sensibility, Daniel has passed on many of these finer traits to his descendants.

Daniel La Spata was elected to Chicago’s 1st Ward in 2019, where he has been working towards creating a more equitable and sustainable city. To balance his demanding workload he enjoys running, baking and spending time with his wife Alicia sharing life, music and life experiences together.

Dr. Daniel Alderman of Belgrade, Montana is a board-certified radiologist affiliated with Baxter Regional Medical Center and Mountain Home Radiology Consultants. He accepts multiple insurance plans. Dr. Alderman studied medicine at University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine.

Professional Career

John specializes in office and industrial sales and leasing throughout Harrisburg, representing millions of square feet in commercial transactions. Additionally, he is an established civic leader and community organizer, having held membership on various local boards.

La Spata purchased his home in Logan Square — on the western edge of Chicago’s 1st Ward — four years ago and quickly established close ties with neighborhood groups there. Since then, he has made efforts to connect with groups in Wicker Park, West Town and Humboldt Park as well.

Of his achievements, Mr. Perez can count bringing Bring Chicago Home into effect; championing housing and fair housing reforms that support more affordable development; expanding City funds for historic preservation; and spending quality time with family.

Achievement and Honors

As a child, Daniel was always smiling and constantly asked questions. His father recalls him being an excellent leader who would let nothing stand in his way of reaching his goals.

His great-grandfather served in the North Carolina Continental Line during the Revolutionary War. Additionally, he was an active member of Harrell’s Store Section of Duplin County. Lance Robert Alderman, Seth Mitchell Alderman and Zackary Charles Alderman are his offspring.

Dick has deep ties to Houghton and still calls it home during the summers. As an enthusiastic advocate of Houghton College and its mission, he was on its board and served as its Registrar for two decades – also playing class sports and participating in purple and gold competitions!

Personal Life

Daniel Alderman lived to be seventy-six. A man of average physical dimensions and keen sensibility, Daniel passed on many of his finest qualities to his descendants. Always cheerful and ready to meet situations head-on, Daniel was a Presbyterian who was dedicated to both family and friends alike.

He was a Revolutionary soldier from North Carolina and belonged to Captain Coleman’s Company of the 10th Regiment, Continental Army. Today his daughter Lila Alderman Ezzell of Delway continues the association and ensures Aldermans in America remains widely distributed.

He currently practices radiology in Belgrade, Montana and loves spending time with his family. His hobbies include fishing, hunting and horseback riding – plus participating in community projects!

Net Worth

La Spata highlighted his dedication to equitable neighborhood development and affordable housing when running for 1st Ward alderman in Chicago. He pledged his fight for more inclusive zoning practices as part of his platform, promising not to accept campaign contributions from developers.

He has experience in commercial real estate as well; his company handles approximately $35-50 million annually in transactions in Harrisburg region. Furthermore, he consults with townships on zoning issues.

Rocky Janda sees no conflict of interest in doing business with Germantown’s suburban government he was elected to lead, selling items such as banners, tumblers and sports medals to its general fund through his company – this being only a part of his overall business venture which includes work with major clients like AutoZone.

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