Daniel Aycock

Artist Profile – Daniel Aycock

Dan and Kathleen run the Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn and are avid enthusiasts of Street Art, allowing many local artists to cover their walls with pieces created specifically for them by them.

As an accomplished illustrator, he has worked for clients such as Scholastic Books and Sotheby’s; even creating a deadpan how-to book on taking photographs of dogs!

Early Life and Education

At Chapel Hill, he quickly established relationships across socioeconomic boundaries. Highly competitive but also sympathetic, he founded debate and literary societies as well as being elected class president.

After graduation, he joined the Mercer County Welfare Board, creating welfare rights organizations and union of staff workers. Additionally, he served on the school board, organizing programs that offered assistance for elderly individuals, young parents with children running away from home, runaway children and teenagers.

After World War II, he started practicing law in Goldsboro while supplementing his income through teaching school. A staunch orator and advocate, he spoke regularly across North Carolina at public forums – eventually becoming leader of its Democratic party.

Professional Career

Daniel Aycock’s sculptures explore physical and psychological states of isolation, disorientation, and entrapment. Drawing inspiration from paradigms, cybernetics, phenomenology, physics, post-structuralism, architecture landscape narrative to transform viewer’s experience of sculpture.

Over the past 17 years, Aycock has shown his work at at least one solo and 13 group exhibitions, such as shows at Front Room Gallery and Winkleman. Additionally, his artwork has been highlighted in numerous publications and interviews about it.

As well as his career in professional art, John serves as an advocate for students at UT. He serves on the Chancellor’s Honors Program Honors Council and helps recruit high-achieving prospective students for enrollment at UT. John lives with his wife, daughter and black lab in New Bern; hobbies include golfing and offshore fishing.

Achievement and Honors

During his brief governorship, Governor Walker significantly increased school spending and created hundreds of rural schools. Furthermore, he opposed lawmakers who attempted to block use of white tax dollars for black education; thus earning himself the nickname of “Education Governor”.

He graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1880 and began practicing law in Goldsboro before assuming local politics roles including serving as District Attorney of Eastern North Carolina from 1893-1897.

He played an instrumental role in the Democratic white supremacy campaigns of 1898 and 1900, which resulted in widespread violence, voter intimidation, and even a municipal coup d’etat in Wilmington. He denounced “negro domination” while spreading fear regarding black men’s supposed sexual prowess.

Personal Life

He lived life by the belief that life was an adventure and saw everyone as an opportunity for storytelling. He had profound insight and believed strongly in relationships. Additionally, he practiced psychotherapy using compassion, science and spirituality in order to touch many lives across many locations.

Aycock High School in Cedar Grove, North Carolina bears his name. Additionally, one street in Raleigh’s Five Points neighborhood and his Rotary Club of Goldsboro were both named in his honour.

As well as painting, Jackson served as president and vice president of Honors Council and Honors Ambassadors program respectively. Additionally, he completed internships at Pilot Flying J in Knoxville and Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP in Atlanta while simultaneously studying Mandarin Chinese. Personally, he married Patricia Jackson and had two children.

Net Worth

Daniel Aycock boasts a net worth of $1 Million. His primary source of income comes from art work; his clients have included Scholastic books, Sotheby’s and Syfi channel. Furthermore, Daniel also profits from Front Room Gallery located in Brooklyn and Kingston NY which showcases contemporary art pieces.

He has displayed his works at numerous galleries. The first verified show took place with Edie Winograde and Sean Hemmerle at Front Room Gallery in 1999.

He leaves behind his daughter Kathryn Gardner Aycock Ralston and sons William and Daniel Jackson to cherish his memory, along with niece Joyce Aycock Doebele (husband Bob Doebele) and Grandnieces Mina and Tess. Additionally he had one brother Jeffery Aycock and wife Paquela; as well as many friends and relatives to remember him by.

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