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Profile of Daniel Baruch

The Book of Baruch is an ancient biblical text composed by Jeremiah’s secretary and friend Baruch. Although considered non-canonical to the Hebrew Bible, some early Latin Vulgate Bibles included it.

Daniel displays a strong presence and rhythmical loading at the plate, showing athletic actions and jumping on pitches middle-in. He has an efficient swing that makes contact on all levels.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was raised in New York City. He attended public schools before going on to earn degrees from Columbia University and New York University Law School. Daniel remains passionate about improving quality education within New York.

President Wilson (1856-1924) appointed Baruch to the War Industries Board (WIB) as a way of mobilizing national factories into war production. Although Baruch held only limited official authority, he used his considerable resources effectively.

Baruch studied at Queen’s and credits his liberal arts education with providing him with a broad perspective of life. A star athlete on Queen’s men’s soccer team, Baruch has taken advantage of Zicklin Career Development Center to secure an internship at Blackstone.

Professional Career

Daniel Baruch has been working professionally in the financial industry since graduating with degrees in Economics/Finance and Global Commerce and Culture from Bentley University in 2009. Currently he holds the role of Natural Gas Liquids & Gasoline Trading Desk Risk Manager for Glencore’s Energy businesses; responsible for assessing valuation risks across their Energy businesses as well as market trend development, historical/forward analysis for commercial decisions as well as leading an effort to modernize backend functionalities that has saved over $200M annually in international transactions.

In 2017, Baruch and two teammates used event-driven investing strategies to turn an initial $100,000 investment into an impressive $427,786 return within four weeks and take home first place at TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim Challenge.

Achievement and Honors

Baruch earned himself a name as an outstanding student, yet worked diligently as well. Utilizing his connections as a broker to gain entry to trading positions. Soon enough he made enough money to start his own brokerage firm.

In the 1920s, he engaged in political activism; however, his efforts at shaping policy weren’t always effective. For example, he donated substantial sums to Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)’s (1856-1924) campaign, giving him some informal influence but no formal positions within government.

In 2022, Dan was honored by both Minority Corporate Counsel Association and Century City Bar Association with awards for “Rainmaking” and “Champion of Diversity,” while Century City Bar Association recognized him as “Corporate Lawyer of the Year in private equity. Furthermore, National Trial Lawyers named Dan as one of their “Top 100 Lawyers.”

Personal Life

At home, Baruch is a dedicated husband and father. Additionally, he’s actively involved with Rise Up Recovery’s community – having abstained from mood or mind altering substances since 2015. Participation requires passing a drug test as well as making at least a 6-month commitment.

Queens College student Daniel Baruch and two of his classmates used event-based trading systems to transform $500,000 of virtual money into $2.6 million within four weeks, winning the TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim Challenge. Their winning strategy involved capitalizing on temporary stock mispricing due to market-moving events such as elections or natural disasters.

Net Worth

He is a professional painter who showcases his artworks on social media. Additionally, he sells them at his studio at home.

He leads both an impressive professional and personal life. Married and with children, he lives in Los Angeles’ Eastern Columbia Building where he came into prominence after testifying against Amber Heard for Johnny Depp in their defamation case against Johnny.

Baruch is an American with a successful career and lovely family life. A skilled guitarist who plays with The Reactions band, Baruch has amassed an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million at 56-63 years old and many celebrity friends including Johnny Depp who is his close confidante.

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