Daniel Beckman

Daniel Beckman – The Man Who Could Fix Anything

Dan was an amazing husband, father, physician, explorer, adventurer and man of many interests. His insatiable curiosity drove him to obtain private, instrument and commercial pilot licenses as well as master multiple sports such as cycling, skiing/snowboarding/racquetballing/boating & sailing.

Daniel and Lacy Beckman’s home in Beckville, Texas features stunning amenities. One highlight is a wine room equipped with a beautiful wrought iron door.

Early Life and Education

Over time, Dan has made generous donations of both time and money to numerous charities, organizations, and causes. His charitable focus includes arts support. Furthermore, he was involved with political activism working on Barack Obama’s 2008 New Media Campaign where he launched supporter-generated initiatives and promoted local video programming.

Beckman has long been an ardent supporter of Catholic education. He was instrumental in providing bus service for private school students. Additionally, he contributed significantly to capital campaigns, annual appeals, endowment appeals, STOs and other fundraisers as well as serving on committees and the board.

He has shown his support for athletics by coaching baseball and participating in men’s choir, while at church leading layette group activities.

Professional Career

Dan dedicated his professional career to designing and implementing technology to facilitate and strengthen the work of scientists, engineers, and technicians at the Survey. Outside work he enjoyed cycling, snow skiing and snowboarding, racquet sports, swimming and boating as hobbies; additionally he developed an interest in aviation that eventually resulted in him attaining private, instrument, and commercial pilot licenses.

Beckmann is an accomplished attorney and member of the Minnesota Bar Association. Specializing in Insurance Coverage, he serves clients in Roseville and Minnesota’s surrounding communities. Renowned for his practical approach to legal matters and understanding confidentiality and discretion are crucial aspects of negotiations, Beckmann is highly valued as both family man and friend.

Achievement and Honors

Dan was an extraordinary father, husband, mentor and explorer with an intense spirit of service that shone through in everything he did – whether that meant leading visually impaired cross country skiers in Norway to sea kayak in the Caribbean or offering assistance with student careers he sought out opportunities to help others.

At Current, he played an essential role in spearheading new initiatives from groundbreaking shows to ways to leverage user-generated content. In 2007, his work helped win Current the Primetime Emmy award for Most Interactive Television Network.

His and his wife have been supporting Beckman Catholic from its inception through various roles: booster club board member for 12 years (6 as president), endowment committee for 6 years, co-chairing of capital campaign and attending graduations of their nine children – expecting the graduation of their sixth grandchild in 2022!

Personal Life

At home, he was well known as “The Fix-it Guy”. Additionally, he was an excellent chef and outdoors enthusiast – camping was one of his favorite pastimes and he even participated in the National Weather Service Citizen Weather Observer program!

Dan was also active in new media, contributing to Obama’s 2008 New Media Campaign with his expertise in user-generated content creation at Current TV and conceptualizing ABC News Radio’s “Be Seen, Be Heard” podcast series before it existed.

He donated his time generously to numerous organizations, such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Rotary International. Additionally, he served as a volunteer sighted Nordic guide for Ski For Light International. Carol Beckman survives her husband of 49 years as well as their three children Kimberly Pfaff, Tim Beckman and Terrence Beckman plus their sister Alexa; plus six grandchildren.

Net Worth

Reports reveal that Daniel Beckman boasts a net worth of $9.08 Thousand. He has conducted two trades of TY stock; most recently purchasing 325 units on 6 May 2021 at over $11,050 per unit.

He is passionate about charitable work and has given generously of his time and talent to numerous causes such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation and American Heart Association – three charities which have all benefited from his generosity.

He also shows an interest in stocks, having made one transaction of Columbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth Fund Inc on 6 May 2020 where he purchased 325 shares at over $10,767 each. Furthermore, he enjoys playing golf.

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