Daniel Bohannon

Daniel Bohannon

Daniel Bohannon has over nine years of experience conducting operations and information security research. Currently he serves as Principal Applied Security Researcher at Mandiant, A FireEye Company’s Advanced Practices group where his duties include incident response consulting and threat hunting as well as researching obfuscation, evasion, and detection capabilities.

He is the author of the Invoke-Obfuscation, Invoke-CradleCrafter and Revoke-Obfuscation PowerShell frameworks for obfuscation detection.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Bohannon was born in Duluth, Minnesota. Throughout his childhood years, his family made several moves as they searched for affordable housing options.

He graduated from DSTC with an associate degree in communication and media studies before continuing on at the University of Minnesota Duluth to obtain his bachelor’s degree in integrated marketing communications and digital marketing.

Daniel Bohannon began working at Source2 as a Marketing Coordinator from 2015-2017 after graduation, where he implemented marketing plans to meet sales and revenue goals and managed website and social media content.

Ozarks Food Harvest currently employs him as store donation coordinator in their Retail Pick-up Program, which allows local grocery stores to donate excess goods. Once collected, these donations are transported back to Ozarks Food Harvest where they will then be distributed throughout their community.

Professional Career

Bohannon has extensive experience managing both development and financing activities for commercial real estate properties, working on diverse financial structures such as bonds, bank debt, syndicated loans and equity participating notes.

Before joining MANDIANT, Bohannon held both IT Operations and Information Security positions for a retail industry organization. At present he serves as Principal Applied Security Researcher for MANDIANT, A FireEye Company where his current research includes host and network-based detection/evasion research as well as tradecraft development.

He is the creator of both Invoke-Obfuscation and CradleCrafter PowerShell obfuscation detection frameworks; contributes to incident response (IR) investigations; performs threat hunting research; engages in community outreach efforts as well as research collaborations with academic institutions and government agencies; is active in community outreach efforts and has an impressive record.

Achievement and Honors

Before joining MANDIANT, Daniel Bohannon worked for five years in both IT operations and information security roles at a major PCI retailer. There he developed operational processes for automating the aggregation and detection of host- and network-based anomalies as well as programming several tools for host-hunting activities while leading their incident response team.

He has also presented on the topic of “getting into InfoSec”. His presentations have been at various conferences such as BlackHat and Defcon, in addition to open lectures delivered at Bachelor and Master programs.

Daniel is married and is proud of both of his children: Donald and Mike. Daniel enjoys golf, competing in the US Amateur Championships; traveling is another passion; he’s visited over 40 countries – Daniel prefers Srixon balls when competing.

Personal Life

He enjoyed both golfing and woodworking during his retirement years, as well as attending Park Hill Christian Church of North Little Rock where he was an active member. Thankfully, he leaves behind his wife, two sons, three grandchildren, his sister-in-law and brother-in-law as well as numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and other family members to carry on his legacy.

He belonged to the legal realism school of thought and collaborated closely with future Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas on articles that examined legal planning of petroleum production. Furthermore, he played an active role in leading National Association of Independent Oil and Gas Producers.

Bohannon brings over seven years of operational and information security experience. He has conducted incident response investigations and researched and developed tradecraft for obfuscation; authoring two PowerShell frameworks he created himself called Invoke-Obfuscation and Invoke-CradleCrafter respectively. Furthermore, Bohannon is highly familiar with restaurant industry IT operations roles requiring security as well as IT operations positions.

Net Worth

Bohannon is an established American broadcaster who has worked at different radio stations since his high school days. Currently he hosts his show on Westwood One Network for approximately $110,000 per year; standing 5 feet 10 inches.

He was born in Lebanon, Missouri and currently stands 78 years old. He is married to Virginia Bohannon and has three children: Daniel Bohannon, Barbara Ocock, and Tina Freedman – as well as four grandchildren, Ashley Shanna Zachary and Sara.

He is a longtime supporter of the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded each year by the Norwegian Nobel Committee to those who have made extraordinary contributions towards world peace. Additionally, he is engaged with multiple charity projects.

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