Daniel Collier

Daniel Collier – A Lawyer Who Serves Clients in the Virginia Area

Daniel Collier reached the peak of his baseball career in 1997 when he hit home runs in seven consecutive Double-A Tulsa games – equaling a Minor League record and setting up his passage into Major League baseball.

Presently, Collier coordinates training and special projects for the Arkansas Department of Education. He also conducts research into student loan debt and tuition-free policies at Western Michigan University.

Early Life and Education

He was an influential advocate for Native American rights, helping President Franklin Roosevelt establish the Bureau of Indian Affairs. As Commissioner of Indian Affairs he promoted what became known as “Indian New Deal”, including passing the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 which reversed decades of cultural assimilation policies.

Collier was instrumental in stopping the loss of reservation lands and advocating for indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. He believed that Indian tribes depended upon maintaining communal land bases for survival.

Dan currently studies student loan debt and income-driven repayment, tuition-free policy and motivation and external factors associated with higher education persistence. He serves as Director of Research at Western Michigan University’s Success at WMU campus initiative.

Professional Career

Daniel Collier is a legal professional serving clients in Virginia. His practice centers on Family Law while also offering national security and counterterrorism analysis. Daniel has over two decades of Middle East expertise that spans from tactical measures to more strategic national security priorities.

Collier reached his career peak during 1997 while with Double-A Tulsa by equaling a Minor League record and hitting homers in every at-bat, even at pitcher-friendly Fair Grounds Field in Shreveport! He even set one minor league home run record during that seven game streak!

Dan is currently conducting research on student loan debt and income-driven repayment, part of the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research’s Success at WMU campus initiative at Western Michigan University. Additionally, he investigates student non-cognitive attributes’ effects on persistence in higher education.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Collier reached the pinnacle of his professional baseball career in 1997 when he hit 37 homers at Shreveport’s Fair Grounds Field, equalling a minor league record total and prompting an offer to join Major Leagues; unfortunately due to shoulder issues he had to retire following that season.

After graduating law school, he successfully passed the Bar Exam in Virginia and has since been admitted as a legal practitioner in that state. Now serving as an attorney representing clients dealing with Family Law issues.

Dan has conducted peer-reviewed research on topics relating to student loan debt and income-driven repayment, tuition-free policies and how college student food insecurity correlates with and impacts students’ non-cognitive attributes and basic needs. He has presented at numerous higher education conferences as well as being a frequent contributor for media outlets.

Personal Life

Matthew Collier and Jonathan Collier of Roachdale survive him, along with his mother Cindy Collier from Crossville and brother Darrell Collier from Martinsville. For over 24 years he worked at the Defense Intelligence Agency specialising in Middle East affairs and counterterrorism operations.

At the W.E. Upjohn Institute, he conducts extensive descriptive and causal analyses on issues in higher education such as tuition-free policy, student loan debt repayment policies and non-cognitive attributes and basic needs of students. Furthermore, he leads a $1.8 million campus initiative at Western Michigan University called Success at WMU.

He is widely published and regularly contributes to higher education publications. His research has appeared in media outlets like the Detroit Free Press and Inside Higher Education.

Net Worth

Dan Collier is an esteemed lawyer with an impressive career and net worth. A graduate of Louisiana, he currently practices law at Family First Law Group specializing in family law cases as well as civil litigation matters. Furthermore, his computer programs perform legal analysis more efficiently making legal representation more cost effective for families.

Collier reached his professional baseball peak when he tied a Minor League home run record in 1997, only for it all to end due to a shoulder injury which prevented any future attempts at replicating this achievement.

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