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Daniel Copeland Net Worth – Percussion Instructor and Performer

Daniel Copeland is a freelance percussion educator and performer in the Midwest region, having performed with several marching bands and drum and bugle corps, such as Iowa State Marching Band and Crossroads Indoor.

He has an immense passion for marine biodiversity, being named one of the 2015 European Rolex Scholars by Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUSS). In his free time he also works as a physical therapist.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Copeland was born and educated at The Hill School in Philadelphia before moving to Florida and working as a local land developer, developing twelve Jacksonville neighborhoods containing over 2000 single family building lots and setting up his own home building company with state license as a residential contractor.

Joseph Tarr Copeland served on the Michigan Supreme Court from 1852-1857 and as an Army General during the American Civil War. Additionally, he operated his own law practice and participated in lumber ventures by purchasing timberland in Midland, Saginaw Bay City and Ogemaw counties.

Daniel enjoys listening to music with intricate chord progressions and memorable melodies, particularly anything with intriguing harmonic progressions or catchy tunes. He currently performs baritone/tenor 2 for OTM (One Too Many).

Personal Life

Daniel Copeland enjoys discovering all aspects of nature. One of his first memorable experiences in this realm occurred while taking his first breath underwater during an introductory ocean dive in Malta; that moment is where his love of marine life first surfaced and made up his mind about becoming a career choice.

He is very passionate about music, especially chord progressions with unique chord structures and catchy melodies. Additionally, he belongs to an acapella group known as OTM or One Too Many (OTM).

Daniel is determined to learn how to reinvigorate people’s passion for our blue planet despite all of its threats from human activity.

Professional Career

Daniel fell under the spell of the sea during an introductory ocean dive in Malta and immediately realized his passion was something he wanted to devote his life to. Soon afterwards he joined a sub-aqua club committee, organized dive trips across Britain, and soon gained a first-class degree in Zoology – his ultimate goal!

While in the Navy, he participated in research projects pertaining to sharks and marine wildlife; worked as media manager for marine conservation organisations; and is currently media manager of Manta Trust where he spearheads online campaigns to garner support for protective legislation for manta rays.

He enjoys playing bass guitar and singing baritone in an acapella group called OTM (One Too Many). He appreciates complex chord progressions, catchy melodies and captivating harmonies – which makes every day unique!

Achievement and Honors

Copeland attended the University of Georgia’s English graduate program and learned both critical and creative writing, making a lasting impressionful impactful statement about both his professional and academic life. Today he teaches composition and American literature at Baylor University.

After 24 years at Chamberlain High School as music director, where his choirs received superior ratings on every district and state music performance assessment. Following his retirement, they dedicated the chorus room in his name. He has been honored with Florida Music Education Hall of Fame awards as well as writing several books. Furthermore, he established Christ in Sports Foundation, an organization which assists children’s groups and sponsors with improving recreation opportunities.

Net Worth

Danny Copeland currently boasts an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million according to Wikipedia, Forbes & other online resources. He earned this wealth as a professional Football Player.

He and Sherry Copeland have three children together: Melissa (Thomas Wike), Daniel and Charli. In addition, he has six grandchildren. Rather than sharing details of his personal life with the media, he prefers keeping things private.

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